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Valentine’s Day Decor

I love writing my Chrismtas decor and Thanksgiving decor posts. I always find it really inspiring to look at other people’s creations. i thought I would do a Valentine’s decor post and round up some fun things I found on Pinterest.

I love the fun look Valentine’s decorations have. Something about the holidays always makes me think of elementary school and passing out cards. I love the red and pink combo and the upbeat, loving, optimistic vibes it gives off. However, I don’t like when the decorations go overboard.Once, a few years ago, I went out for a galentine’s dinner with a friend and the place was decked out for the holiday. It was way too much decor and actually felt comical. It reminded me of that scene in Sec and the City when Carrie and Miranda go out for Valentine’s Day and there are so many balloons that they’re constantly swatting them out of their face. It was like that.

Here are a few Valentine’s decor photos I loved!

First up, having candy hearts in a jar.Candy Heart Vase

This is such a cute idea! The candy hearts are so fun and it’s a nice fun touch to the elegant flowers.

Next, this grey and pink themed Valentine’s decor is simple and pretty. It’s not in your face and not overtly feminine, but still classy.

Grey & Pink Valentine Decor

I love this heart ornament decorated bouquet of branches. I can’t find the exact link to it, but I found it on Pinterest. I saw a similar one to this but also covered in twinkle lights, which looked so pretty!

Heart Tree - Valentine's Day

I love how this mantel is decorated. It’s not too flashy, but still festive. I’m loving the striped hearts and the love banner. It’s also got the heart decorate branches!

Valentine's Fireplace

And my last pick for today is the most bold of them all. This Valentine garland may not be too everyone’s taste because it’s a bit flashy. But, I think it’s got that nostalgic, Valentine feel to it. A bit shiny, a bit sparkly, bright, and a bit extra, but still so fun! I love the dimension that is added with the 3D ornaments and twigs. I can’t find the exact link to this one either, but I found it on Pinterest like all the others.

Valentine's Mantel Garland

That’s my little round-up of Valentine’s Day decor! Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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