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How You Can Make Your Outdoor Space Sleek And Chic

No matter how good you are at interior design, your outdoor space can sometimes be difficult to handle. Whether it’s coming up with ideas to stop your dog escaping from your garden or figuring out how you can attract bees to your eco-friendly space, it can be tough to work out how your outdoor space reflects you and your home. Here are some easy tips that might just help…

Why Not Try A Herb Garden?


There are few better things to plant in your garden than herbs. They don’t take up much space, you can grow them in pots, they smell glorious, and they require a little less upkeep than fruits and vegetables. You can order herbs through the mail or even pick up little pots up at your local grocery store. Basil is great with Italian food, coriander is an essential with Asian cuisine, and mint will brighten up almost any summer cocktail.


Go For A Patio


One of the top ways to figure out how to fix your back yard is to work out what exactly you want to do with it. If you want to make it an area where you can entertain your friends and family, whether it’s with a bustling summer BBQ or a more chilled comfortable glass of wine, then a patio or some decking is a good idea. Creating an area where you can comfortably put a table and chairs – or even sofas – is the best way to make a space where you can socialise happily. You can also decorate this area with fairy lights that will ensure it looks bright and gorgeous all year round, and of course with pot plants. Just make sure you water them!


Add A Fence


When it comes to keeping your back yard safe and secure, there’s nothing you need more than a decent fence. This is particularly important if you have pets or kids – you definitely don’t want your over-excited pup overstepping his or her boundaries and zooming off into your neighbours’ back yard, or even worse, getting lost – and you definitely don’t want your kids wandering off where you can’t see them. If you aren’t big on the way that wooden fences look, aluminum fences are a great way to keep your garden lines sleek and modern.


Invite The Bees


These days we’re all feeling more eco-friendly, which means you may be looking for ways to attract bumblebees into your back garden. Luckily, this is fairly easy to do. First of all, make sure that you plant plenty of bee-friendly plants – lavender and rosemary would be great additions to your herb garden if you haven’t planted them already. Bees also love crocuses, which come out at the end of winter and start of spring, meaning that they’ll be provided with nectar during the cooler months too. Bees also love any type of wild flowers. You should also make sure that you provide them with some shady areas – they get too hot during the summer too! – and when it’s particularly warm, put out saucers with sugar water in, so they can drink and get their energy back.

These backyard tips should make sure that your outdoor space looks great all year round.

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