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A Captivating Garden Is Only A Few Steps Away

Want your plants to pop, your lawn to wow, and your outside space to shine? Then read on for my easy step-by-step guide to creating a captivating garden. 

Step one: Protect your plants 

Chances are you’ve already spent a fortune on plants to make your garden look gorgeous, but if you want your horticultural dreams to come true you will need to make sure you properly protect your investment. 

The good news is there are many ways you can safeguard your plants, and ensure they thrive. One option is to use bird netting, which prevents pesky-winged interlopers from harvesting berries and fruits meant for your consumption. Another is to spread mulch on top of the soil around your plants. This is because it will not only help to keep the moisture in when the weather is dry but also help to prevent weeds from sprouting up around your plants and fight them for the resources they need to flourish. 

Step two: Spruce up your patio 

Your garden can’t look its best if your patio is past its prime. For some, reinvigorating this space is as simple as a thorough power washing. While for others, replacing any cracked stones, or worn decking will be necessary. 

Don’t forget that you can add much more useability to your patio space by installing a full or partial cover. Then you will be protected when the sun is hot, or when it’s raining, and still be able to enjoy your garden’s outdoor space. 

Step three: Give your lawn some love 

Lawns, nearly all of us have them, but they so rarely look their luscious and green best. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to change this. In particular, you need to make sure that you deal with any issues like weeds or crabgrass in your lawn. 

You will need to dig them out by the roots, making sure you get every last piece, and then add some compost into the hole along with some fresh grass seed. Be sure to water in the new seed, and add around double the amount you think you will need, as birds will often munch on grass seed as a snack if they see it on the ground. 

Step four: Add some lighting 

Many people forget that they can make a massive difference to the look and feel of their garden space by adding lighting. Of course, health and safety are paramount and this means using battery or solar lighting, or having any lights properly fitted with waterproof cables. 

As for the types of lighting you can choose from, there is a vast selection. Warm white fairy lights added to trees, bushes, or strung in a line between posts can completely transform a space, leaving it magical for very little money. 

Alternatively, you may wish to install flood lights, which will bring specific areas of your garden to life at night. You can even get smart floodlights now, which means you can control them and change the hue and tone of the lights from an app on your smartphone. 

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