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Saving Money On Your Household Appliances

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When it comes to your household appliances such as the cooker, fridge, dishwasher, or washing machine, from time-to-time, things go wrong. Equipment breaks down and we start to worry about needing to replace it. 

But before you rush out and buy a brand new appliance, there may be other options. New home appliances can be quite costly, and if you have not budgeted to replace yours anytime soon, then this cost may have come out of nowhere, and you may not be in a position to buy the appliance that you need. 

Added to that, when you consider that some people will replace their appliances whenever a new feature gets brought out, its easy to see that there are lots of older appliances out there that have been used but are still in working order. 

Throwing away technology needlessly is wasteful. And, sending your appliance to the scrap yard may not be the most sustainable way of dealing with the situations. 

Here are some tips to help the environment and save you some money when it comes to your household appliances. 


Repair It If You Can
Many appliances can be fixed when they are broken. A replacement part can be bought from and this may be easy to install. Look online to find out more information about the fault on your specific machine. There may be guides on how to fix them, or forums relating to that specific product that will give you the support you need to do the repair. 

If you’re not the best person to be left in charge of a spanner, ask friends or family that may be. Some people have a real knack when it comes to fixing machinery. You could save yourself a considerable sum by repairing the item, and you’ll be making sure it does not end up on the scrap heap just yet. 


Look On Freecycle is a website where people list items that they no longer need for others that may have a use for them. The best thing is that they are giving the item away for free. You will generally have to collect the item yourself. But again, this saves an item from being thrown away prematurely. If you can get a bit more use out of the item, then it is well worthwhile taking it off the owner’s hands and giving the item a new lease of life. 


Buy Second-Hand
With many people looking for the next innovation in technology to make their lives much easier, there is always going to be appliances that end up for sale. Look at popular selling sites such as Facebook Marketplace and see what is available in your area. 

You’ll obviously want to see the appliance in use before you take it away, so ask for a demonstration first. Make sure that everything is full working order before you commit to buying it as you don’t want to be left with a broken appliance on your hands. 

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