Why spring is the best time to make your next house move


Springtime is just so inspiring, isn’t it?  Bursts of bright blossom, the latest looks in the stores and a mood of rebirth and opportunity everywhere around you. And it’s no surprise at all then that so many people choose this season to plan or launch their next house move.

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What are the reasons you might want to relocate?

Maybe you’ve outgrown your current  place, or you want to be nearer your family or work – there are many reasons why anyone might want to move. You could be upsizing, joining a partner in the next town or city, or possibly even want to move interstate. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about making the move all winter but you just need some inspiration to take those first steps.

Whatever your reasons, you want to make the right decisions about selling or buying and on how to keep everything as stress free as possible!


The experts agree spring is the best time to move

Experts in the housing field agree spring is the best time to sell, when homes can be snapped up faster and for a much better price.  So if you’ve been dwelling on putting your property on the market since Fall, now is the time to make the most of those opportunities.

The longer spring days make the thought of a house move more appealing and you can make the most of the extra daylight hours outside your other commitments. And you just feel more energised, don’t you, than in the dark winter months, so it’s a great time to act on those exciting ideas.

The better weather also provides a great opportunity to show your home off at its best, and a quick spring makeover can maximize its appeal. A breath of fresh air inside, making doors and windows dazzle, adding fresh plants and flowers – either one… or three…can all make a difference.

There’s lots of information available on the best ways to sell your home in the spring, so why not get inspired and start decluttering right now?  And if you’ve already got your property listed for sale, or you know you’re soon planning to, what are the first things you’ll need to consider?

Pick a removalist as early as possible

Getting the right people to help with your move might seem straightforward but it’s important to pick the right professionals as soon as possible. There’s lots of information available on how to choose a great removals firm, so make sure you’re informed on what best to look out for.

And as most people want to move at the weekends, over school holidays or bank holidays, don’t get caught out – plan in advance.

Do the right research so your removal runs smoothly



Whatever your requirements when you move your possessions, it’s worth looking into employing the most appropriate professionals. The safety of your items is dependent on the company you choose, so it’s really important to do your research.

Look at reviews from previous customers, check what your removals quote includes, and ask if the firm are happy to do a valuation. This means someone will come round to your home to assess how much stuff you have, and make sure you get the right sized van and number of team members on the day.

And also look out for professional recommendations and accreditations – they can all help reassure you that you’ve found the right people.Good removalists will display their membership of trading associations on their websites so keep an eye out for these as a mark of high standards.

An interstate removalist is best for long distance moves

If you’re moving long distance or from any state to another, you really should consider using interstate removalists. They have the right skills and expertise to make sure your belongings reach your new home in the best condition.

A good interstate firm can handle your move at both ends and they’re best placed to ensure that things run smoothly and successfully. They can offer specialist advice and support on everything from planning to cleaning and even do all of your packing if you want them to.

They can ensure  every consideration is made properly and help you switch homes in the most stress free.way possible. They can also help you with storage of any items you may not yet want to move with you – and provide comprehensive and appropriate insurance. A good interstate removalist can even make arrangements for your pet’s own house move – so they get to the new place in the best way possible.

Whether you have everyday, unusual, large or small items to transport, they can give you the benefit of their specialist knowledge. They can even help you move cars, boats or trailers – nothing should be impossible to transport easily long distance.. Maybe you have treasured  paintings, objects and artefacts – whatever it is, they’re the ones in the know!

This is not the time to compromise, after all, for anything other than the best people possible to look after the things you love most.

Fill your new home with inspiration and color

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So if all this talk of new seasons and properties has made you feel motivated, why not start making plans now for your 2019 house move?

Another great thing about moving in springtime is the amount of inspiration you can find in the stores. Move your existing possessions in carefully when you get there of course – but don’t be afraid to add new colors and furnishings. Why not check out what  design experts think are the key spring trends in home decoration?  Even introducing fresh flowers and plants into your new home can energise the space and get things off to a great start.

Whatever your plans, make sure you’re ready by choosing the right time to sell and the best possible removalist. And then spring 2019 could really be life changing – with a fresh start interstate or even on the next street!

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