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7 Inexpensive Ways To Beautify Your Bathroom


We all would love to achieve our dream bathroom, but sometimes the budget just doesn’t stretch that far! If you can’t afford a costly renovation right now, don’t fret, there are plenty of inexpensive ways that you can beautify your bathroom using a few simple hacks and touches.


1 . Essential Oils
Essential oils are exactly what any bathroom needs to add a touch of luxury and relaxation. The science behind aromatherapy is that the right smells can stimulate our nervous system and boost our health. To create the right ambience for your bathroom, use essential oils like rose or lavender, which both help one to relax and feel calm. When your bathroom smells beautiful, it will feel beautiful too! Essential oils can serve as a lovely decoration when displayed, plus adding them to your bath allows you to reap all the health benefits and relaxation. 


2. Candles
Adding a few candles to your bathroom is one fast and inexpensive way to provide this room with a spa-like touch. Candles create a peaceful and calm atmosphere, which is exactly what you need to unwind. To keep things green, ensure that you choose candles made from soy or vegetable wax. These are better for your health than traditional candles which can emit harsh chemicals.


3. Plants & flowers
One of the best ways to beautify your bathroom is some lovely plants and flowers to create a luxurious space. Plants like bamboo and orchid thrive in the humid conditions of the bathroom, as do snake plants. Peace lilies are another gorgeous favourite for the home. The best thing about having plants in the house is that they will clean your air and boost your endorphin levels (as well as looking beautiful).



4. Artwork
Adding a piece of art to your bathroom will give the room a lease of new life right way. The key is to choose a piece that fits in with your colour scheme and style. Photography- style pieces are often a popular choice for the bathroom; pictures of boats, sunsets or forests for that earthy feel. When you have smaller bathroom, it’s best not to go to large with your art-work, (as you won’t want to make the space feel smaller). To find some unique artwork, at some great prices, check out your local galleries, charity stores or Etsy Marketplace. 


5. Accessorize
Buying yourself some new accessories for you bathroom can help you to freshen up the space, plus declutter your old things. Whether it’s bath mats, towels or a few ornaments; treat yourself to a few nice things to help the room feel new again. When you are choosing your accessorize, be sure to keep to the colour schemes throughout the rest of the room. When choosing materials, look out for hemp, jute or seagrass. These are known to have a lesser impact on the environment during the growth process, plus they are biodegradable. 



6. Fresh Paint
A paint job can work wonders to jazz up any room in the house, if it’s been awhile since you’ve painted your bathroom- this could be exactly what you require! It’s advisable to stick to neutral colours in a smaller space. Yet, if you have a larger bathroom- why not brave painting in bright colours (even if it’s just one statement wall)! This year, green is making a comeback; in shades of olive or chartreuse. Those who are concerned about the VOCs in conventional paint should check out a natural paint brand. Such paints are generally made with vegetable oils, plant dyes and binders like milk protein. 

7. Deep clean
If you really want your bathroom to shine, it’s time to get cleaning! Spend a little while throwing away your unwanted items before you get scrubbing. If you’re looking for eco-friendly ways to clean, you should try white vinegar, baking soda and lemons. Essential oils are also great for a polish, particularly tea tree oil (due to its antibacterial properties). For other green- cleaning products, try brands like Ecover or Eco.

Easy hacks like this are simple to do yourself; however, if your bathroom does need renovation work, you’ll probably need to call in some building professionals. Sites like 

Building Materials Pro provide plenty of useful information for building professionals, on everything from dry-wall to moulding. If you’re planning to do some work on your home, and you’re wondering which tools to use, be sure to check out the site.

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