Creating A Home Office That Your Guests Can Still Use

There are many reasons why your home may require a Home Office, you may have just taken the plunge to become self-employed full-time. You may need to work from home because of emergencies occasionally. Or you may be working on a project where you need a little bit of space to be able to get it off the ground. Even though you will avoid a worker’s compensation clinic, by being self-employed and working from home, which is a positive, not all of us have a spare room to turn into a home office. And we do quite often need to use that room for other reasons, such as guests staying over. So how can you have the best of both worlds? And be careful not to lose the space for its intended purpose?


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Day Bed/ Pull Out
Purchasing a bed that is easy to transform into a sofa, or be used as either a bed or a couch interchangeably, is one way that you can keep your space as a bedroom, and also use the room as an office, without feeling as though you are in a bedroom. You really can have your cake and eat it with this option. There are plenty of stores such as IKEA That sell a whole range of different beds depending on your preferences. A lot of these day beds also come with Storage, which makes it easy to store bedroom items out of sight when you’re using the room as an office. Having some plain bedding, that can easily pass as so furnishings, is quickly done. This way, you will keep a neutral tone, and be able to use the room either as a bedroom, or a Home Office quite easily.

Decorating the bedroom with graphics heavily leaning towards bedroom style, or the opposite, and using office style decorations, will, of course, confuse the feeling of the room. Creating a montage of pictures, which include your friends and family, would fit quite nicely in the neutral space. You can think about the colour scheme, and even purchase some lovely artwork, That will fit in the room, brighten it up, and not confuse the space too much. Do an online shop, of all the things that you feel would brighten the space, invite your guests in, and that can be transformed into a serious working environment with little effort.

You may need to store files and other essential documents if you’re working in this room. Of course, the number one priority here if you have customer details hanging around, is security. Making sure you either remove sensitive information before your guests arrive, or locking them away safely in some professional cabinets, will keep everything safe. There are plenty of storage options that are quite plain, But secure enough at the same time. Just make sure you give it some consideration before buying the first cabinet you come across. 

It’s certainly not impossible to create a neutral, or eclectic space, depending on your style, and what you want in your house. So enjoy your time in your home office, and know that you still have the usable space available when needed.

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