Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee
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Vintage Slouchy Miami Tee

So yesterday was a crazy first day back at work. My car wouldn’t start so my brother had to drop me off at work. While I was at work my parents went to my place to call AAA for me. They jumpstarted my car. While my car was on for a while to get the battery recharged, my car overheated. AAA had to come back and replace my battery and my parents had to pick me up from work. Then, I borrowed my dad’s car to go to meet up with my bestie who I had plans with. Waze told me there was an object on the road on the turnpike. Guess what it was. A mattress! What?! In the center lane! Luckily, I did not hit it or anyone else when I had to swerve around it.

Hopefully today is much smoother and calmer! Today, I am sharing a a very casual outfit. When I saw this slouchy Miami tee, I absolutely loved the colors. They are very 80s vintage beach look to me. I swear my mom had a tee with the exact same colors and I may have had a bathing suit as a toddler with the same colors. Anyway, the color combo of the pale pastels is so nostalgic to me that I had to have it. But, funny story, the only option they had in this particular color combo was a maternity top! It was one size fits all I believe so I decided that I did not care that it was maternity and I bought it. I mean, it’s just an oversized shirt – there’s no elastic, no waistline to it – so I really have no idea why it would only be reserved for pregnant women! I just front tucked it a bit in to terry cloth shorts and wore a lace bodysuit underneath since it has a low scoop back.

The tee is slouchy enough to wear either off both shoulders or just one.

Vintage Miami Slouchy TeeVintage Miami Slouchy Tee 1Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 2Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 3Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 4Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 5Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 6Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 7Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 8Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 9Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 10Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 11Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 12Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 13Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 15Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 16Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 17Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 18Vintage Miami Slouchy Tee 19

Top: ASOS | Shorts: Kohl’s | Bodysuit: Express | Sunglasses: Quay Australia | Flip Flops: Target

Now that I look at these photos again I’m 99% positive I had a swimsuit in these colors. It was a pale pinky purple swimsuit with green palm trees in that same shade of green.

I paired the super casual look with my studded sunglasses and flip flops. You can shop the look below with exact and similar items!

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