Snowflake Sweater

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Snowflake Sweater

It was absolutely freezing this weekend where I live! I don’t know what the weather was like by you, but here it was in the single digits and with the windchill the real feel gave us subzero temperatures. If it’s going to be this cold, it’d be nice to get some snow, but alas no snow the past few days. Despite this, I thought I’d share a snowflake sweater I wore to work a few weeks ago.

Snowflake Sweater
Snowflake Sweater 1
Snowflake Sweater 2

Sweater: LOFTPants: Express

This warm sweater (linked above) has a black snowflake embroidery on it with some black sequins sewn into the snowflakes for a little bit of shimmer. I love the boatneck look and the mix of snowflakes and fairisle print. Now if only the snowflakes on my sweater could translate to the weather so I could get another snow day in this winter, I’ll be happy!

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