Ice Blue Fuzzy Sweater
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Ice Blue Fuzzy Sweater

Just two days til the weekend! I seriously need some extra sleep plus I have my monthly massage scheduled for this Saturday morning and I. can’t. wait.

Back during the holidays one of the items on my wish list for Christmas was a fuzzy sweater. When I received this ice blue one I was so excited at how soft it was!

I wore this oversized ice blue fuzzy sweater with sapphire blue velvet leggings for a monochromatic and cozy look.

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Sweater: GAP | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Shoes: New York & Company

This fuzzy sweater is so soft and it’s the kind of material that makes you just want to pet it all the time. It reminds me of a blue cozy sweater I had back in middle school from Contempo Casuals. Do you guys remember that store? Does it still exist? I know the one by me closed years ago and I don’t know if it’s even still a store. Anyway, I had a baby blue fuzzy sweater from there when I was like 13 that I loved and wore all the time. This one reminds me of that but this is more furry whereas the old one was more fuzzy.

As much as I love this sweater I’m hoping warmer days are ahead of us and I won’t be able to wear it again until next winter!

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