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Christmas Plaid

Plaid is probably the most popular pattern in fall and winter and I’m all for it. Once seen (many years ago) as a print that your parents or farmers (or your farmer parents) would only wear now it’s super fashionable. A few weeks ago as it was getting closer to the Christmas season, I was looking for a plaid flannel top I had that was so soft and cozy and had the perfect Christmas look. It was a rich green and red plaid and so comfy. But I couldn’t find it anywhere! I still can’t find it. I know I hadn’t worn it in a year or two and whenever I would purge my wardrobe, I would look at it and put it back because it was just too cute to get rid of and perfect for the holidays. Now, I can’t remember if I actually did get rid of it during my last round of closet clean out since the only thing I can remember is multiple rounds of not wanting to get rid of it. But now it’s nowhere to be found so I think I may have actually given it away. Sad, but it did leave me the opportunity to look for a new plaid top that was good for the holiday season.

I saw this plaid top when I was looking at all the pre-Black Friday sales (that were pretty much just as good) and loved this one. It’s much more subtle in the Christmas department compared to my lost one, but I love the crisp white of the background and the green and red subtle pattern.

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Top: Abercrombie & Fitch (here) | Jeans: Kohl’s | Shoes: J.Crew

Absolutely loving this top and at the time that I’m writing this Abercrombie is having a 50% off sale. I’ve linked to the shirt above!
I wore this top last weekend with jeans and red velvet flats with tassels that were also a Black Friday find. They’re super cute, but actually a little painful! They’re the stretchy kind of flats (that curl up when you’re not wearing them) so I’m hoping if I wear them a few times they’ll stretch out and be comfy. It’s weird because I bought another pair (different style) from the same retailer in the same size and they fit perfect and are comfy. So here’s hoping!

Anyway, aside from my painful but cute shoes I love this plaid top and outfit!

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