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Seven Fun Ways To Make Your House A Smart Home

Everything that we do in this day and age is gearing towards going digital. We go for automatic everything: cars, banking, home temperatures – even toothbrushes! It’s a digital age and around the world, innovation is taking place so that we eventually move over from manually doing things to allowing machines to do it for us. Not for everything, of course, because we still need that human interaction that allows us to feel connected. However, if you head to your bank, your supermarket and even your pharmacy, you can use machines to help you to complete transactions and never speak to another person while you do it. You can stream TV and internet to any handheld device in your house, without having to be plugged into an outlet while you do it. There’s no more modem screech over the phone lines and there’s no more trying to keep up with using fax machines. It’s a digital world, and you can make your entire life look differently because of it.

The power of Wi-Fi, the rapid growth of the internet and the magic of the smartphone and tablets that are on the market today make it easier than ever to transform our homes into smart ones. We don’t mean that you’re going to be turning into a Stepford Family, complete with Robo-Dog and talking refrigerator (well, maybe on the refrigerator…) but you will be able to use seven of the suggestions below to make that transformation happen easily.


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Light Up The House
The fastest way that you can embrace your home going from as regular as pie to a smart house? Give it a little more lighting options than it’s ever had before. These bulbs are perfect because they allow you to wirelessly control them from your smartphone, and while these aren’t just for annoying other household members by turning lights on and off secretly, you can customize the light colour and intensity for mood! You could go from cozy and relaxed to disco party red in moments, and the hue app can allow you to change the schedule so that your lights will automatically dim in the evening.


Act On Those Reactions
Did you know that you could upgrade your home to make it sensitive to motion? Imagine walking into your home after work and the lights turn on as you walk in and the music pops on. It’s not magic, it’s the D-Link Wi-Fi Motion Sensor paired beautifully with a Wi-Fi Smart Plug! These two together allow for endless possibility and they will turn your house on in response to motion, meaning your house will react to you in ways you didn’t think were possible.


Invest In Smart Tech
While you’re busy working on the house and upgrading pieces of it to react to your movement and create mood lighting, consider owning smart technology. With a smart television, you need Optimum to really make your viewing experience a pleasure. Kicking back with the lights set to low can make movie watching so much better, and you can even upgrade your package to allow for pay per view, so those horror movie nights? You can time the lights to come up right when it ends – neat, huh? While you’re there, start talking to Alexa. This is the household addition that is making waves across the world, and you’ll love spending time learning new things and cooking new recipes simply by asking what you want.


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Control Who Enters & Exits
Never worry about losing your keys again when you have a house with electronic locks. Keys can be fiddly and annoying, but when you have the chance to go keyless you up the security of your home. You can type the code that you set, and they work with a selection of service providers so you can check on your phone, tablet or desktop computer whether the kids got home from school okay. You can also tell when someone has entered your home unexpectedly, so it makes for an excellent security tool.


Smart Waste?
Okay so, hear me out. A toilet that does more than flush wouldn’t sound like something fun; especially when you expect your toilet to be somewhere you sit for the purpose of getting rid of waste. Instead, you just need to spend a little more and buy a toilet that not only opens and closes by itself, but rinses, deodorizes, plays music and tracks your movements, feeding the information to a mobile app. It’s an important seat in the home and while it’s a lot of money, it’s the ultimate in smart luxury for your home.


Warm It Up
No one is allowed to touch the thermostat, but with a smart heating system you won’t need to tell anyone not to! There are so many programmes that will tap into your heating system and allow you to manage the temperature of your home from the palm of your hand. Not only is this an easy way to control it, it’s cost effective, as you can see how much of your heating you’re using.


Watch From A Distance
Did you know that you can buy Wi-Fi Cameras? These connect you to your home network and on your smartphone, you can check in and see a live view of your home without even trying. This can enable you to feel secure about going on vacation or even going to work when there’s been a nearby incident. This is a great way to feel like your home is being taken care of, because you can keep an eye on the house wherever you are. It may sound like overkill, but when you want a smart home, you want one that has all the bells and whistles.


Getting smart about your home could change everything from the way that you watch television to the way that your bathroom cleans up after itself in the morning. Now you have the fun elements of a smart home, which will you begin with first?

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