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My Fall TV Picks

One thing I love about fall besides the weather, fashion, and foliage is checking out the new TV shows in the fall lineup. I have picked out the 5 shows I’ve been watching consistently and really enjoying, though some more than others. So in no particular order, let’s get started!

First up, the show that is pretty much known as the tearjerker of the new TV season – “This is Us“. I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t watched it yet, but “This is Us” is a show about the ups and downs of life and family – think of shows like “Parenthood” and “Brothers & Sisters”. All the characters are connected, but I won’t tell you how. I do want to say for the record though that I figured it out before the reveal though!


Next up is “Designated Survivor“. The show stars Kiefer Sutherland who begins the show as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. As the designated survivor, Sutherland’s character did not attend the State of the Union Address because if anything were to happen he would be left to run the country. Well, the Capitol Building explodes during the President’s speech and chaos inevitably ensues. Now Sutherland, as the new president, has to learn how to operate in his new role that he has suddenly been thrust into and also figure out who is behind the attack on America. I had big expectations for this show and it’s good but it’s not as good as I thought it would be. I think it has the potential to get even better. I do want to add that actor Adan Canto who plays the Chief of Staff is super cute though!


So another show that I like but has fallen just a bit short of my expectations is “The Good Place”. Kristen Bell plays a not so nice woman who died and wound up in Heaven or “The Good Place”….by mistake. They think she is this amazing philanthropist who has helped people all over the world, but in reality she was super selfish and just plain mean to people while alive. Now she’s in the good place so obviously she doesn’t want to be found out and get sent to the bad place so she is doing all she can to keep up the facade and try to learn how to be a good person so that she can actually belong there. The show has it’s funny moments but it’s hard to root for Bell’s character just because she was so awful on Earth. I think this show will continue to get even better too.


I’m really enjoying Fox’s new show “Lethal Weapon” based on the movie series. It’s a fun action comedy and I find myself laughing just as much as getting caught up in the action. It’s not all fun and games though there are deeper and darker moments to the show. By the way, remember when Clayne Crawford was in A Walk to Remember? Though I didn’t particularly like his character in A Walk to Remember, I do love him as Riggs in the show.


Lastly, my favorite new show this season without a doubt is “Timeless”! I love historical fiction and this show has pretty much everything you could ask for. Intrigue, action, mystery, a possible love story, time travel and history. In the show, the villain (maybe? We’re not really sure what his motives are) is traveling to different points in history to try to change history. Abigail Spencer’s character is a historian/history professor who is helping to track him down and stop him from changing history. She’s accompanied by Rufus (the pilot and tech person) and Wyatt (a military guy). Even the smallest change that occurs in the past can create huge changes in present day. It’s so fun to watch and it’s the one show so far this season that I cannot wait to watch each week! P.S. I think Matt Lanter as Wyatt is really cute too.


Have you been watching any of these shows? Are there any other new shows that you’re liking?

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