Sesame Street - Love the Fur You're In
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Love the Fur You’re In

Can you believe that Sesame Street turns 50 this year?! Sesame Street is a childhood staple for so many, and it’s so cool to think that a show that people were watching 50 years ago, a show that I watched as a young kid, is still on today for kids to enjoy and learn from.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary Sesame Street and Random House Children’s Books have released Love the Fur You’re In. It’s a hardcover book filled with Sesame Street illustrations and “wise and witty advice”. It’s also described as a “funny guide to life that’s just right for fans of all ages, especially those who grew up with Sesame Street”.

Sesame Street - Love the Fur You're InSesame Street - Love the Fur You're In 1Sesame Street - Love the Fur You're In 2

I agree that this book is for people of all ages. For the young kids today, it teaches them about being confident and loving yourself (and the fur you’re in). For adults, it is a nice reminder to show some self-love and not to let others bring you down! From witty and wise sayings such as “Sing like no one’s listening” to “Don’t hide your light under a trash can lid”, the book is filled with wonderful reminders of all the life lessons Sesame Street has taught us and continues to teach us.

The book is on sale starting today! Pick up your copy and celebrate 50 years of Sesame Street!

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