Book Review: The Graham Effect

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know Elle Kennedy’s The Off-Campus series is one of my all-time favorite series and it holds a very dear place in my heart. So when she announced a 2nd generation spin-off series – the Campus Diaries series- earlier this year to say I was excited is an understatement. I immediately pre-ordered The Graham Effect for my Kindle and then when I found out that the Barnes & Noble edition would have a bonus chapter, I had to order that too!

The Graham Effect follows Gigi Graham, the daughter of Garrett and Hannah. She’s a junior at Briar U and is on the women’s hockey team. Her dream is to get selected to be on Team USA and compete in the Olympics. She’s one of the best hockey players, but has one weakness – she’s not great behind the net.

Luke Ryder is also a junior and a star hockey player that has already been drafted for the pros for when he graduates. He used to play for Briar’s rival, Easton, but after the sports programs for the two universities merge, he’s now part of the Briar U hockey team. Gigi and Ryder met once as teens when he was part of a camp that her dad, Garrett, was running and did not get along. Now he wants the chance to be a coach at a camp that Garrett and Jake Connelly run every summer. But, Garrett doesn’t have the best opinion of Ryder due to some bad stories about him from when he was younger.

Now Gigi and Ryder go to the same school and they decide to make a deal. Ryder will help Gigi with extra training so she can try to get on to Team USA and Gigi will talk him up to her dad to try to get him a coach’s spot at the camp. With all that extra time together, they can just stay friends, right?

This book was so good! I loved it so much. I absolutely love Gigi and Ryder. They were really good characters and then they were so good together too. I loved watching Ryder let his guard down and open up to Gigi.

And the cameos and mentions were everything! Garrett and Hannah and Gigi’s twin brother, Wyatt. Dean & Logan! Tucker and Sabrina’s younger daughter! And if you get the B&N edition with the bonus chapter you get to see Molly – Fitz & Summer’s 6 year old too! And more!

I just love these characters so much and I never want to let them go. I can’t wait til the 2nd installment comes out next year!

Read this if you want a spicy, sports romance with the enemies to lovers and grumpy sunshine tropes.

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