• Marble Coffee Table

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    Marble Coffee Table

    Today’s my last day of Thanksgiving break. Why do weekends and breaks always go by so fast? There is supposed to be a snowstorm coming so maybe I’ll have a snow day tomorrow? We’ll see! So if you’ve been following along with my moving saga – I mostly talk about it on my Instastories  – I’m almost all moved in and there are just a few things left to my renovation before I can be completely moved in and living there full time. One of the fun things about moving has been shopping for all the new things like furniture. Granted, my wallet and bank account do not find it…

  • Barbie Forever


    Barbie Forever

    Did you play with Barbies when you were young? I wasn’t huge in to Barbies – but I wasn’t really in to toys or dolls in general so it’s nothing against Barbie. Nonetheless, I did own a few Barbies and was gifted a Barbie Dream House for my birthday or Christmas one year when I was probably in kindergarten. I remember playing with a family friend’s Barbie house and she had an elevator in hers (not battery operated, but a pulley system) and I thought it was amazing! Mine did not have an elevator (so sad) but it was still really nice. So even though I didn’t play a whole…

  • Sesame Street - Love the Fur You're In

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    Love the Fur You’re In

    Can you believe that Sesame Street turns 50 this year?! Sesame Street is a childhood staple for so many, and it’s so cool to think that a show that people were watching 50 years ago, a show that I watched as a young kid, is still on today for kids to enjoy and learn from. In celebration of the 50th anniversary Sesame Street and Random House Children’s Books have released Love the Fur You’re In. It’s a hardcover book filled with Sesame Street illustrations and “wise and witty advice”. It’s also described as a “funny guide to life that’s just right for fans of all ages, especially those who grew up…

  • Faux Suede Pointy Toe Loafers

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    October 2018 Favorites

    Happy Halloween! I can’t believe it’s already Halloween, the end of October, and that the holiday season is officially upon us. It’s crazy how fast this year has gone. Since it’s the end of October I’ve rounded up some things I loved this month as I do every month. First up, is the coffee table book I got – Florists to the Field . It’s so pretty and I love flipping through and looking at the gorgeous photos! The next few favorites are things I’ve been loving to wear/use. My black joggers with white stripes down the side are so soft and comfy! I love them. My favorite shoe this fall has…

  • Florists to the Field

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    Florists to the Field

    Back in the spring I was sent a copy of a gorgeous book called Florists to the Field. Florists to the Field is a book by Garden District co-owners Greg Campbell and Erik New where they travel around the US and internationally and “document grand dining events that engage all five senses with local flavors, sounds, textures, fragrances and colors”. The result? A colorful and beyond beautiful book of photos and details from their excursions. The book is filled with photos of beautiful flowers, table settings, fields of flowers, etc. As mentioned before, I was sent this book a few months ago but now that I’m in a new townhouse with a…