Marble Coffee Table
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Marble Coffee Table

Today’s my last day of Thanksgiving break. Why do weekends and breaks always go by so fast? There is supposed to be a snowstorm coming so maybe I’ll have a snow day tomorrow? We’ll see!

So if you’ve been following along with my moving saga – I mostly talk about it on my Instastories  – I’m almost all moved in and there are just a few things left to my renovation before I can be completely moved in and living there full time. One of the fun things about moving has been shopping for all the new things like furniture. Granted, my wallet and bank account do not find it fun at all, but I love home decor so it’s fun to decorate.

For my first home post at my new condo I wanted to show my new coffee table. I got matching end tables (they came all together in a set) and they just arrived yesterday. However, the coffee table was delivered a week ago so I’ve had more time with it. A while ago a Bob’s Furniture opened up near me. I had zero interest in going in there. I had heard that a lot of their pieces were cheap-y and wouldn’t last long. But, it’s in the same shopping center as the Bed Bath & Beyond that I have spent lots of time at collecting more home and kitchen things so my mom convinced me to check Bob’s out. I did find my coffee table and end tables there (as well as kitchen cart/island that I will highlight when I do a kitchen refresh post) and they were probably on the higher end of the products they carry. I chose white marble coffee table and end tables with black legs. They are heavy. Good thing I paid for Bob’s to assemble the furniture for me! I love the sleek, classic look. I redid my floors. It used to be all carpet and I had charcoal colored vinyl flooring put in and only have carpet in the bedrooms now. I thought the white marble would be a nice, bright pop against the dark floors.

Marble Coffee Table 5Marble Coffee Table 2Marble Coffee Table 3Marble Coffee Table

Coffee Table: Bob’s Furniture | Area Rug: Wayfair (here) | Coffee Table Books: Amazon | Candle Holder: gift | Sofa: Value City

I’m trying to keep my coffee table pretty clear. I have a little stack of coffee table books to dress it up a bit and my stained glass evil eye candle holder that my bff got me from her vacation to Turkey. Since the day I took these photos I did add a few Christmas decorations (a post on that coming soon) and a box of tissues. Oh! And my new coasters came in yesterday and they’re so beautiful I think I want to do a whole post just dedicated to those haha.

Speaking of my coffee table books – I just chose 3 random ones I have. I have some other beautiful ones like ones with flowers and gardens, but they’re buried deep in an unpacked box right now. So right now I have the illustrated version of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneBarbie Forever, and Some Stories. The illustrated Harry Potter books are a beautiful gift for a Harry Potter lover in your life, by the way! I wrote about the Barbie Forever book a few weeks ago and celebrates 50 years of Barbie.

Some Stories was sent to me and is written by Yvon Chouinard – the founder of Patagonia. The book goes over all the things he’s learned and lessons he wants to impart on people.

For nearly 80 years, Yvon Chouinard has followed this advice, pursuing, with equal fervor, sports adventures, business excellence, and environmental activism. Since 1950, he has captured the lessons and revelations he’s learned in articles and books, personal letters and poetry, introductions and eulogies. In this fascinating inside look, Chouinard himself has selected his favorites from years of reflection, all accompanied by illustrative photos, many never published before. The results is both more of Chouinard’s iconoclastic and provocative thinking, his skilled storytelling and sense of humor, and a picture of the evolution of his thoughts and philosophies. With articles on sports, from falconry to fishing and climbing to surfing, with musings on the purpose of business and the importance of environmental activism, this very personal book is like sitting on the couch with this amazing man, flipping through his photo album as he tells the stories of his life. Some Stories is an eclectic portrait of a unique life lived well.

Yet the final pages of the book indicate that Chouinard will continue to challenge people, business, and the world. He presents the company’s new simple but direct mission statement, revised for the first time in 27 years: “We are in business to save our home planet.” With it he emphasizes the urgency of the climate crisis then entreats every person’s obligation to reflect on, commit to, and act on this mission.”

This would be a great gift for people who love the outdoors and/or business.

Marble Coffee Table 1Marble Coffee Table 4Some StoriesSome Stories 1Some Stories 2

I can’t link to my coffee table, but I’m going to link to similar marble coffee tables. Well, I think those are faux marble and mine is real, but they’re similar! I am linking to my exact area rug and books though.

Do you put out coffee table books? What kinds do you like to put out?

*This post contains affiliate links. Some items were also sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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