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You may or may not like it, but the holiday season is most definitely upon us. Thanksgiving might not be until next week (btw, I’m already dreaming about the food), but Christmas present buying or at least beginning to think of gift ideas is well underway. Now I haven’t bought any gifts at all yet, but I have started to think of potential ideas for gifts.

A great gift idea for any Harry Potter lovers in your life is the newly released illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book. When I found out that this was going to be released I pre-ordered it on Amazon right away! I love all things Harry Potter and the promo pictures for this illustrated book looked amazing. Just imagine, a well-loved story brought to life with beautifully detailed illustrations!

The book’s shape, weight, and all that jazz remind me of a coffee table book. And why not? The book features such charming and immaculately detailed illustrations on every single page that it should be proudly displayed! Seriously, every page not only has a picture but the pages themselves are just plain gorgeous – a visual feast for your eyes, if you will.

Below are some shots to give you just a glimpse!

DSCF2280 copy

DSCF2281 copy

DSCF2282 copy

DSCF2283 copy

DSCF2284 copy

DSCF2285 copy

DSCF2286 copy

I love the touch of the attached red ribbon bookmark – so cute! I’ve heard, but have no idea if it’s true, that an illustrated edition of each book of the series will be released a year, which I so hope is true because I will not hesitate to buy them all. I highly recommend this book as a gift for yourself or for the Harry Potter lover in your life!

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