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Improve Your Home By Calling Upon Practical Technology

What does ‘practical technology’ mean?

For me, it refers to any type of technology that can be used for practical benefits. In effect, you gain something from using it. A cell phone is a piece of practical technology as you can call people when you’re out of the house, check local maps, and so on. A camera isn’t practical as you don’t really gain any critical use out of it. 

Hopefully, that clears up what I mean, which brings us to the next question. How can you improve your home with practical technology? We’re lucky to have so many new technological developments in our lifetime – many of which can be used to upgrade your household. So, without further ado, here are some ideas:


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Solar Panels

Solar technology has really opened up loads of opportunities for homeowners. Again, we’re lucky in that this technology is far more affordable than it used to be. Therefore, many households can make use of it. The idea is a simplistic one – solar panels on your roof will draw energy from the sun and store it for your home to use. In turn, this will make your home way more energy efficient as you can supplement your energy source with a free, renewable, one. 

It’s practical for a few reasons, one of which is the aforementioned energy efficiency. Also, it’s practical because you have a way of calling on backup power as well. Solar energy can be stored in a backup generator or battery, and you can get more information here to learn why this is important. From a practical point of view, it gives your home an extra energy supply when you need it most. If there’s a blackout, your backup solar-powered battery can kick in and ensure your home continues to function!

Smart Devices

The last few years have seen the birth of Smart technology in households. This is an overview of so many different devices that connect to each other throughout your home. A great example of this is a smart plug socket. Traditional sockets can only be accessed physically. In effect, you have to go and press a button to turn them on or off. Smart sockets can be controlled remotely, usually by an app on your smartphone. Therefore, you can turn them on or off as you please, set timers that turn different appliances on or off as you desire, and so on. 

This is a very practical piece of technology as it makes your life more convenient. If you have your kettle linked to a smart plug, then you can turn it on from upstairs and have hot water when you get down. But, things get better when you consider the wealth of Smart devices available. You can get Smart fridges that come with cameras to let you look inside even when you’re not at home. Smart thermostats allow you to alter your central heating settings on the way to and from work. If we’re talking about practicality, then not much is able to compete with Smart technology!


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Robot Vacuums

What’s worse than constantly needing to clean your house? If you have children or pets, then your home will become very dirty, very quickly. Dust, debris, and pet hairs litter the floors, meaning you have to get your vacuum cleaner out a few times per week. It’s an irritating task that can’t really be avoided. Well, it can, but then you’d have to deal with a horrifically messy house!

Luckily, we’ve been blessed with some super practical technology that can address this situation. You’ve probably heard of a Roomba, and this is just one of the many examples of robot vacuums on the market today. That’s right, you can get a vacuum cleaner that will do most of your work for you. This technology uses motion sensors and machine learning to figure out where to go. It then sucks up all the dust and dirt from your floors, leaving them nice and clean. It’s practical in the sense that it takes care of a task for you. So, you’re free to do something else and not worry about cleaning so often!

Smart Speakers

Okay, this could’ve been put under the Smart technology heading, but Smart speakers deserve some attention alone. This is because they’re capable of doing so much more than any other Smart devices. Not only that, but they act as a way of controlling all your other devices. In effect, Smart speakers are virtual assistants living in your home. You can speak to them and command them to do a variety of tasks for you. This includes operating the other devices in your home, setting reminders on your phone, and playing music. 

It’s genuinely like having a little helper with you at all times. Aside from helping you operate your other Smart devices, the practical benefits of these speakers are that they make your life more organized and convenient. 



Wireless Doorbells

We’re on the final item, but it’s definitely a good one. Wireless doorbells take an old thing and make it a hundred times better. With a wireless doorbell, you can see who is at your door through an integrated video camera. As such, you can decide if you want to answer the door without doing that creepy peering through the curtains thing. 

However, the most practical thing about this is that the doorbell connects to your smartphone. From here, you can view the video feed when you’re away from the house. It’s super helpful if you have a delivery when you’re out. The doorbell lets you speak through a speaker to the person at the door, telling them what to do with your parcel!

As you can see, your home is waiting to be improved by all this great technology. Everything on this list will enhance your home in one way or another. For me, this is when technology really comes into its own. Cool tech is cool (obviously), but practical tech is just so incredibly useful that it blows your mind!

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