Neon Accented Sneakers
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Neon Accented Sneakers

I’m on a shoe roll lately, but the warm weather always makes me want fun, fresh shoes! It’s been a while since I’ve bought legit sneakers and not fashion sneakers. When I saw these New Balance neon accented sneakers I immediately loved them. The colors are amazing! The neon isn’t too much, they’re just accent colors and I love it. I also can’t complain that they’re close to $100 and I got them on sale for like $44!

I wore them here with my cropped tie dye hoodie and jeans. The sneakers are currently out of stock, but I’m linking to them in case they come back in stock! I have also found 6 other pairs of fun neon/neon accented sneakers that look fabulous too.

Neon Accented SneakersNeon Accented Sneakers 1Neon Accented Sneakers 2Neon Accented Sneakers 3Neon Accented Sneakers 4Neon Accented Sneakers 5Neon Accented Sneakers 6Neon Accented Sneakers 7

Hoodie: ASOS | Jeans: Old Navy | Sneakers: New Balance via Joe’s New Balance Outlet (here)

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