• Neon Accented Sneakers

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    Neon Accented Sneakers

    I’m on a shoe roll lately, but the warm weather always makes me want fun, fresh shoes! It’s been a while since I’ve bought legit sneakers and not fashion sneakers. When I saw these New Balance neon accented sneakers I immediately loved them. The colors are amazing! The neon isn’t too much, they’re just accent colors and I love it. I also can’t complain that they’re close to $100 and I got them on sale for like $44! I wore them here with my cropped tie dye hoodie and jeans. The sneakers are currently out of stock, but I’m linking to them in case they come back in stock! I…

  • Rose Gold Star Sneakers

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    Rose Gold Star Sneakers

    Do you own a pair of Golden Goose sneakers? If you do, then more power to you, but I personally could never spend $500 on a pair of sneakers that purposely look dirty! Aside from the scuffed up/dirty details I do think the glitter, foiled, and/or star details are super cute. So I was thrilled when a bunch of different brands and retailers started making dupes and look-a-like versions for a fraction of the price. I recently saw that Steve Madden’s version has that dirtied up look, which I’m not in to, but if you are in to it and don’t want to shell out the hundreds of dollars Golden…

  • Striped Front Tie High-Low Dress

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    Striped Front Tie High-Low Dress

    T-shirt dresses are summer staples, but it can be hard to find one that fits well unless you’ve got like zero body fat. I find that t-shirt dresses are either too clingy/form fitting and will show any ounce of fat you have or are really boxy and you run the risk of looking frumpy. This striped t-shirt dress with a front tie is so comfy and fits just right. It is not form fitting, but hangs nicely and isn’t too loose. The front tie helps to bring it together and cinches it a bit. The high-low detail hemline is a nice detail to set this black & white striped t-shirt…

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    Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

      Giuseppe Zanotti Lamaylorenz Leather High-Top Sneaker (see more high top sneakers) Giuseppe Zanotti Design Wedge Hi-Top Sneakers (see more wedge high tops) I recently came across these Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers on Polyvore and couldn’t stop looking at them. Sneakers have been a fashion item for a long time, but usually the more athletic type of sneakers. People would and still do camp out for the latest releases of Nikes and shoes like that. However, over the years, designers and brands have started to come up with these fancy sneakers and people love them. Let’s try to forget the trend back when I was in middle school of sneakers with…