Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Lamaylorenz Leather High-Top Sneaker


Giuseppe Zanotti Design Wedge Hi-Top Sneakers

I recently came across these Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers on Polyvore and couldn’t stop looking at them. Sneakers have been a fashion item for a long time, but usually the more athletic type of sneakers. People would and still do camp out for the latest releases of Nikes and shoes like that. However, over the years, designers and brands have started to come up with these fancy sneakers and people love them. Let’s try to forget the trend back when I was in middle school of sneakers with heels which I wholeheartedly took part in.
I, personally, rarely ever wear sneakers. I wear them when I’m working out and if I’m doing something active that requires sneakers, but on a regular basis sneakers are not my go-to. With that being said, if I had the opportunity (and the funds) for fancy sneakers like these I would be very tempted to purchase them! The bright white leather and the gold hardware just exudes luxury. I’m not sure how I would style them though. Would they look weird with skinny jeans, jeggings, or leggings? On the other hand, if you wore flared jeans they would cover up the beautiful gold detailing. Honestly, I have a hard time figuring out what kind of pants to wear with my regular Nikes!
I’ve also seen these shoes sold in black, but I think the white and gold go better together. The white leather just seems more fashionable to me for these shoes. Both pairs of these sneakers are close to $900. At prices like these, whoever owns them better keep them super clean and blindingly white!

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