• White & Neon Nike Slides

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    White & Neon Nike Slides

    Today is my first day back at work (hopefully I woke up on time!). I have a week and a half of workshops and meetings and things and then students start after Labor Day. It’s going to be an interesting year to say the least. I’ll definitely keep you all posted about that. I have been wanting Nike or Adidas slides for a while. They can range from really affordable prices to expensive. There are also so many different kinds. I had Kohl’s cash to spend recently and a discount code so I was browsing the sandal section when I came across a bunch of Nike slides. I went back…

  • White Studded Mules


    White Mules

    Happy Friday! We made it through another week on lockdown! I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 weeks since this all started here in NJ. It doesn’t feel quite like spring here. We’ve had a few really nice, beautiful days and then a lot of rainy, extremely windy, chilly days. But, let’s pretend it’s full on spring over here and look at pretty, spring shoes – white mules in particular. I got these studded white mules at the end of the winter, but obviously have not been able to wear them much yet. I’ve worn them with an outfit once or twice on here in the past few weeks and…

  • Floral Espadrille Sneakers

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    Floral Espadrille Sneakers

    Espadrilles are always a spring and summer staple and this sneaker version is such a fun take. Then add a floral print and I’m sold! I picked these up from Red Dress Boutique last month and wore them over the weekend with jeans and a mint green lace up hoodie. Espadrilles: Red Dress Boutique (here) | Top: Kohl’s | Jeans: Old Navy Aren’t they so pretty?! They also come in a solid coral color. It’s a great touch of spring and summer when you still want to wear close toed shoes! I think the floral pattern on the black background is just so cute and will match tons of things.…

  • Short Rain Boots

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    Short Rain Boots

    I’ve been wanting short rain boots for a while now. I got Hunter Rain Boots for Christmas years ago and I still love them, but I wanted short ones for something different and also just ease. They’re less clunky and easier to walk in. So when DSW was having a sale back in…February, I think (?) I saw a pair that I really liked and got them. Even when they’re not on sale they’re $49.99 so in my opinion they’re really affordable for a nice rain boot! Rainboots: Lauren Ralph Lauren (here) | Umbrella: Vera Bradley | Bomber Jacket: Cotton On | Leggings: Express (here) These short black rain boots…

  • Coach Wallet

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    September 2019 Favorites

    I don’t know why but I keep thinking that October is a week away and then I’m thrown off every time I realize it’s a lot sooner than that. Like as in tomorrow. September has been really busy, but I’ve still got some favorites to share with you. First up is my new Coach wallet. My wallet before this one was a Vera Bradley one in a pink floral print and it lasted me a few years but it was getting real rough looking so I was due for a new wallet. I got this one for my birthday and I don’t see this exact one on the website anymore, but…

  • Okabashi Sandals - Marina

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    Okabashi Sandals

    When the weather warms up, and I’m not at work, you’ll find me 95% of the time in flip flops or some sort of sandal. Okabashi sandals are new to me and who am I to pass up a pair of sandals?! Okabashi was kind enough to let me pick out a pair of my choosing and I chose the “Marina” sandal in the color Slate/Sea Glass. I love the grey and sea glass combo and they’re really comfortable! Flip Flops: Okabashi (here) | Top: Macy’s | Jeans: Vici This sea glass color is so pretty for summer. It’s definitely a color I gravitate towards and so it will be so easy…

  • Sorel Snow Boots

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    Sorel Kinetic Waterproof Boots

    Happy Friday! Yesterday was a long day at work. I had parent/teacher conferences from 8am-6pm so it was pretty tiring. I’m hoping today goes by seamlessly and I can just get home to relax (aka do laundry and make dinner). Considering that this past Monday was a snow day, you’d think this week would feel short, but it felt so long! This week has also been really cold. Probably the coldest it’s been in a few weeks with real feel temps in the teens. The cold weather coupled with the snow storm earlier in the week made me want to dedicate a whole post to my Sorel Kinetic Waterproof Boots.…

  • Faux Suede Pointy Toe Loafers

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    October 2018 Favorites

    Happy Halloween! I can’t believe it’s already Halloween, the end of October, and that the holiday season is officially upon us. It’s crazy how fast this year has gone. Since it’s the end of October I’ve rounded up some things I loved this month as I do every month. First up, is the coffee table book I got – Florists to the Field . It’s so pretty and I love flipping through and looking at the gorgeous photos! The next few favorites are things I’ve been loving to wear/use. My black joggers with white stripes down the side are so soft and comfy! I love them. My favorite shoe this fall has…

  • Sheer Detailed Kimono

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    Sheer Detailed Kimono

    I survived my first “real” day back at work yesterday! I have real in quotes because technically I’ve been back at work for 2 weeks already, but yesterday was the first day with students. The day went pretty smoothly, but my throat is sore from getting used to talking all day long and loudly again. Happens to me every year! Since I’m exhausted from work – still have to get used to waking up at 5:30 again – this post will be short. Two weekends ago I met up with my friend for brunch at Division Cafe in downtown Somerville. I wore this sheer kimono with flower detailing that I…