My First Birdies Flats

I’ve seen ads for Birdies for years and always wanted to get a pair of the luxurious and comfortable looking flats. During the holidays I decided to buy two pairs as a Christmas gift to myself during a sale.

I got The Blackbird, which are very classic looking. They are black knit flats with tan piping. The other pair I got are The Swan in the emerald color (Cause it’s my favorite color, of course). They are green velvet with a crystal bracelet.

Both pairs are so beautiful and feel like a dream to wear. Definitely as pretty and luxurious as I always imagined. I’m so glad I got them, especially on sale. The sale price was still a splurge for me, but definitely better than the original prices. They quality and comfort level of these shows made the price tag definitely worth it to me.

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