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July 2020 Favorites

We’re already at the last day of July. Part of me can’t believe it’s going to be August tomorrow and part of me feels like this is the longest year in history. I only have a few favorites this month and I know I sometimes say that and then the list ends up being longer than intended. But, I really do only have a few this time!

One of the things I did this month was float down the Delaware River for a few miles. It was my first time tubing and it was so nice and relaxing. It was especially nice to get out since life isn’t exactly normal right now.

Delaware River Tubing

I’m sure many of you have seen the hilarious Sarah Cooper videos and I have to say they were a real highlight of my month. All of her videos are so funny, but one of my favorites is the Mask one.

Next, I know Criminal Minds ended months ago, but I finally had the chance to catch up and finish the show. I’ve watched the show from the beginning, but then fell behind last year. I really like how they ended the show.

Criminal Minds Final Season
I love bralettes and live in them when I’m home and depending on my outfit, may wear them out under clothes too. The ribbed bralettes from Aerie are so comfortable. I love them so much! I got the taupe-y colored one months ago and the black one is new. These are cut kind of like sports bras, are super soft and stretchy, and just so comfortable.

Aerie Ribbed Bralettes

Lastly, I have been nonstop listening to Taylor Swift newest, surprise album, Folklore. It’s definitely a mood and I am here for it during this weird time. My favorite song off the album changes daily. Some days I’m in a “The 1” mood and others I’m in a “Hoax” mood. Yesterday, I couldn’t stop playing “Invisible String”. Have you listened to the album? Do you have a favorite song?

Taylor Swift - Folklore 1Taylor Swift - Folklore
That’s all for me for my July favorites. What are some things you loved this month?

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