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Grimm – Series Finale

Any Grimm fans out there? The show had its series finale this past Friday and you can bet I watched it. I have been a big fan of the show since it premiered 6 years ago and didn’t want it to end. I’ve mentioned Grimm before on here like (here) and in some other favorites posts.

Grimm Season 5

If you’ve never watched it before you might like it if you like supernatural, mystery, action type shows. And if you you haven’t watched it before and you don’t know what it’s about let me give you a quick synopsis. Nick Burkhardt is a detective for the Portland police when mysterious things start to happen to him and he begins to see strange things. He thinks he’s going crazy or hallucinating until he finds out that he’s a Grimm. You know the Brothers Grimm from the fairytales? They were Grimms too (obviously), but what’s a Grimm? A Grimm is a person who has special abilities to see Wesen or creatures that aren’t quite regular humans. Wesen have the ability to transform into whatever kind of Wesen they are like werewolf looking animal/human hybrids or mouse looking ones etc. Anyway, Grimms historically tracked down Wesen and killed them. However, in his journey trying to figure out what Wesen are and what exactly Grimms do he becomes good friends with a few Wesen who actually help him and become his closest friends. Together they solve murders in Portland, pretty much all bad Wesen related, and he only kills the bad ones.

With that out of the way, the show was so good and I’m definitely going to miss it. This last season was action packed and there was so much going on with the ongoing storyline/mystery. After the penultimate (I’ve always wanted to use that word!) episode I wasn’t sure how they were going to wrap everything up in one last hour-long show, but somehow they did! I won’t give anything away, but it was a rollercoaster ride for sure and I was happy with the ending. But when I mean the last episode was a rollercoaster, I mean it. It was intense! Just look at the promo for the finale.

The only thing that could’ve made it better was if they had done an actual 2 hour episode so there could’ve been some slower moments too instead of everything being go go go. The last few minutes of the show fast forwarded to 20 years later too so it would’ve been nice to see a little more of the future as opposed to 2-3 minutes. But, those 2-3 minutes were great nonetheless.

grimm - precint
Grimm - Season 6
Grimm - Season 6
Grimm - Season 6

I’m going to miss all the characters and their unwavering teamwork. I’m going to miss them solving mysteries through folklore, research, and Nick chasing after bad guys while Rosalee concocts potions from her spice shop. The evolution of the characters was brilliant. I mentioned it in a previous post on here, but Grimm was not afraid to take risks. A few seasons ago when they made Juliette turn evil they did not shy away from it and she was legit bad for a while. It’s not often that a show feels comfortable or confident enough to turn a beloved character into a most hated one and stand by their decision. They also seamlessly turned a “bad” character into someone everyone grew to like, love, and eventually cheer for in Adalind. The show was so fun and just an escape from reality for an hour a week. I will surely miss it and hope some channel picks it up to show reruns!

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