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March 2017 Favorites

Happy April! That’s right, somehow it’s already April and I’m still double-checking that I write down 2017 when I write the date. So with the end of a month and the beginning of another I’m back with my March favorites. My favorites for March are a little all over the place, but I guess it’s symbolic of how crazy and all over the place the month seemed to be for me.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Earlier in March I was sick with a really bad stomach bug. I don’t get sick often and when I am sick with things like bad colds etc, I’m usually a trooper about it and try to work through it. Seriously, last year I didn’t take 1 sick day from work and I’m aware this makes me seem a little crazy because I don’t take time out for myself even for mental health days! Anyway, I was pretty sick and had to leave work early and take a day off as well. Luckily that was right before the weekend and then we had 2 snow days the following week so I had plenty of time to rest and recoup. So with being so sick, I was drinking tons of water and liquids and trying to keep my lips moisturized so I relied on my Nivea Shea Butter & Aloe Lip Balm and my Christian Dior Creme de Rose. When I wasn’t sick and wanted to feel pretty I loved Buxom’s True Nude Lip Foundation in the shade “Undressed”. So pretty and although it is matte, it is so creamy and pleasant on the lips!

Lip Products - Nivea Buxom & Dior
Lip Products - Nivea Buxom & Dior 1

Speaking of being sick, while I was laying on the couch I watched hours and hours of reruns of Home Improvement. I used to love the show back in the day and it was nice to watch and laugh at while I was sick. Apparently the Hallmark Channel loves Tim Allen because they play multiple episodes of Home Improvement every day followed by multiple episodes of Last Man Standing!

Home Improvement

My favorite snack in March were these Walnut Date Thin Bars. My aunt recently came back from a trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan and brought these snacks back and then my mom saw the same ones at the Asian food store so we picked up another bag. They’re so good! The bars are thin and chewy/jelly like. This is going to sound weird, but the bars are covered in this rice paper which you eat along with the bar. That’s why the bars look like there’s some sort of plastic on them. The rice paper is really hard to take off the bar and as soon as you put the bar in your mouth the rice paper just disintegrates. I’m hoping this isn’t something they only sell seasonally!

Walnut Date Thin Bar
Walnut Date Thin Bar 1

If you’ve been following me on here or social media lately then you know I absolutely loved Beauty & the Beast. I raved about it (here). I’m still in awe of the movie and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify.

Beauty & the Beast - Movie Poster

Another movie I loved this month was Ms. Sloane. I watched it last week and I remember hearing about it around the time of the election and how timely it was. It was so good! Jessica Chastain plays a lobbyist going against the Gun Lobby. She was so fierce and smart. It made me think about the double standard women in power face. If men are ruthless and will do anything they can to reach their goal they’re often seen as great and good businessmen or politicians. But if it’s a woman then it’s a huge misstep and no one wants to associate with her because she’s too power hungry. The movie was really good and the ending was awesome!

Miss Sloane

My next favorite this month is my haircut! I was ready to cut it because my long hair was starting to annoy me and I’ve never been scared to cut my hair. I’m not one of those girls that cries over cutting their hair. I embrace hair changes and it’s been a few years since I cut it short so this has felt wonderful! I know my haircut has been confusing some people on Instagram because I posted my haircut last weekend and then I had a few posts days later with long hair. It’s because I have a few fashion posts still left to post from earlier in the month so you’re going to see a mixture of short and long hair pictures for a little while still!

New Haircut Selfie

My last favorite of the month was Calvin Harris’s “Slide” ft. Frank Ocean & Migos. The song is so catchy and gives me 70s vibes, which I’m totally in to.


That’s it for my March favorites! What are some things you loved?

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