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Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green

Green is my favorite color as many of you who regularly follow me on here already know. With the start of spring, we’re starting to see a lot more green so last week’s photo challenge “It IS Easy Being Green” seemed timely. I really wanted to use Easter basket grass, but I didn’t get to go to the store and I haven’t made an Easter basket since I was a kid so…

Instead, I took a few green photos around the house this week and I’m also including 2 old photos into this collage.

(Clockwise from top left corner)

  1. This perfect green field is in Belgium. I took it from the top of the the Battle of Waterloo Memorial and it’s probably the largest stretch of green land I’ve seen in person. At least that I can think of.
  2. Repotting a jade plant into a larger green planter. I love the color of that flower pot!
  3. I love fresh flowers! These beautiful yellow tulips came with an abundance of green leaves.
  4. Around the holidays I went to Longwood Gardens for their Christmas displays and these hanging plants covering the whole ceiling and top half of the walls in this greenhouse hallway were so whimsical and pretty.
  5. Green grapes are my fav. I much prefer them to red grapes.

So that rounds up my green collage for this photo challenge! Hope you all have an easy Friday before the weekend!

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