5 Quirky Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Cake

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The cake is a traditional focal point for many weddings, and yet more and more couples are choosing to try something new and put their own personal stamp on the day’s proceedings. If you’re looking for something a little different to try, then here are 5 quirky alternatives to your traditional wedding cake. 


  1. A cheese cake
    Perhaps one of the most popular takes on a traditional wedding cake is to switch the sponge for layers of decadent cheese. Layer brie on top of, cheddar on top of blue and serve with an assortment of crispy crackers and bread for a savoury end to your meal that no one will forget. Cheese can be layered quite high and is a very striking centre to a cake table, to make sure you don’t end up going home with kilos of cheese at the end of the night then set up a cheese takeaway stand, will little takeaway pots for people to nibble from on their way home.

  2. Warm pretzels
    Who doesn’t love the doughy, salty taste of a warm pretzel? For lovers of bread and savoury then a pretzel wedding ensemble is one you simply have to try. You can find a variety of different pretzel shapes at, perfect for creating a pretzel masterpiece. And for the sweet lovers among you, try topping them with sugar, caramel and honeycomb for a delicious sweet and salty treat. As a side note pretzels also make a great tear and share table centrepiece in place of bread!

  3. A doughnut wall
    Instagrams favourite foodie trend, the doughnut wall, will provide a picture-perfect alternative to any wedding cake. Super easy to set up and perfect for those looking to stick to a budget, simply create a doughnut wall from some reclaimed wood, paint it in your wedding colours and hang a selection of delectable doughnuts from its pegs. Your guests can then help themselves and take as many Instagrams as they like. This option is always striking and looks like a lot more effort than it actually is.
  4. A cupcake tree
    Another great single-serve alternative to the traditional wedding cake is the famous cupcake tree. Mix and match any number of flavours to create a spectacle of cupcakes, from chocolate to lemon and thyme, gluten-free and vegan. Position them high and low, across shelves or on tables for a striking visual effect. This is also a great option if you are catering to dietary requirements as it enables you to create bespoke numbers of each batch to suit everyone’s needs, simply label them with colour coded flags.

  5. A pick and mix stand
    Not just a firm favourite with the kids, a pick and mix stand is an adult favourite too and one that even grandma will enjoy. Effortless and yet beautiful, fill a variety of quirky, ribbon laced jars with sweets and chocolates to create the ultimate pick and mix selection. For full effect, add tweezers and weighing scales and provide personalised pick and mix bags for your guests to fill. 

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