Dutch Baby Pancake + Peaches


Dutch Baby Pancake + Peaches

I think I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m not a huge breakfast eater. There are people who love breakfast and could eat it for any meal of the day. I’m not that person. But I do enjoy a good breakfast every now and then. Recently I really wanted to make a dutch baby pancake since I’d heard so many people talk about them. I found a recipe for it on Cooking With a Wallflower – a food blog that I follow – and gave it a whirl. The only thing I changed with this recipe is that I used oil instead of butter and I used jar peaches because when I made these peaches weren’t in season yet.

FlourDutch Baby Pancake batterDutch Baby Pancake batter 1Dutch Baby PancakePeachesDutch Baby Pancake 2Dutch Baby Pancake 1Dutch Baby Pancake 3Dutch Baby Pancake + Peaches 1Dutch Baby Pancake + Peaches 2Dutch Baby Pancake + Peaches 3

It came out really good and so tasty! I topped it with powdered sugar and peach slices and served it with bacon and tater tots for a complete breakfast. Click on the link to Cooking With a Wallflower’s blog post for the full recipe and instructions!

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