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Heart Crispy Treats

Over the holidays, my friend and I exchanged cookie recipes. She sent me a recipe for Wreath Cookies, which are like rice krispies treats, but with corn flakes and after using some food coloring and shaping them like wreaths, look like wreaths! I didn’t get to make them over the holidays, but I thought I’d use the same idea to make heart shaped treats for Valentine’s! It worked and they taste really good!

I made the treats just like you make rice krispies treats, but I used more butter since corn flakes are bigger than Rice Krispies. I used red food coloring which ended up just making a pink color, but I actually think the pink hearts look better than if they had turned out red.

Shape the treats into hearts and let them set. I used disposable gloves when I was shaping the treats so that my hands didn’t turn red from the food coloring.

Sweater: LOFT | Jeans: Sofia Vergara via Walmart (here)

They’re so yummy and easy to make! Also a great Valentine’s Day treat idea! Next Christmas I definitely have to try the wreaths!

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