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Heart Stripe Sweater + Heart Beret

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and I’m not huge on the holiday. Not that I’m anti-Valentine’s or anything, I just have never seen it as a big deal personally. But, I do love all the hearts and decorations and the color combination of light pink and red is a favorite of mine. I’ll always have good memories of all the little perforated Valentine’s Day cards you’d fill out and give to all of your classmates in elementary school, the candy, cartoon figures, and lots of red and pink combos.

This heart stripe sweater is from last year and still a favorite of mine. The red stripes of hearts is so cute. I wore it recently with my new beret – a red beret with a light pink heart. I’ve been wanting a heart beret for a while. You may have seen them on Instagram before. They are literally shaped like a heart and so adorable, but expensive! Much more than I’d ever want to spend on a beret. But I saw this regular shaped beret on Etsy with the little heart detail and thought that was pretty cute too.

Sweater: LOFT | Beret: Etsy (here) | Leggings: Target (here) | Boots: DSW (here)

Love this look. You can wear the beret even when it’s not Valentine’s! But, if you like the look of the beret but don’t want to do red and pink, it comes in other pretty colors!

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