How to Brush Up On Your Baking Skills This Spring


Perhaps you’ve used your time at home recently to get into baking, and now you’re ready to take the next step. If you’ve learned the basics and got some pretty decent results, it’s time to up your baking game this spring. It’s the perfect time of year to try out seasonal recipes and share them with friends and family. Any novice baker will know it can be a little frustrating, but if you take a trial and error approach, you can really improve. Here are five ways to brush up on your baking skills this spring.

Make all parts of the recipe from scratch

Don’t be afraid to make everything from scratch. If you’ve started by using store-bought jams, sauces, pastry, and flavorings, why not try making your own this time? Making your own pastry is easier than it looks, for example, and much more satisfying. You could also consider preparing your own sourdough starter, for much fresher results. Forage for local berries or grow your own for the best quality seasonal ingredients. Here are a few more tips for baking from scratch.

Take a trial and error approach

Baking is all about trial and error and it’s important to remember to learn from each experience. There are several common mistakes people make while baking but it can also depend on your oven and tools. Get to know your kitchen and figure out what works best. Your oven might take longer than what it says on the recipe, for instance. Often your second attempt will be much better than the first, and you’ve only got to get it wrong once to get it right. Be patient and don’t give up, eventually, you’ll get the desired results.

Share ideas and experiences with friends

Have fun with baking and share your new hobby with friends. You could bake together and make an evening of it. There are plenty of fun things you can make and the best thing is that you get to eat the results. Baking with a friend makes it much more enjoyable. You could even use one of the best baking apps to communicate and share your recipes.

Research recipes online

There is a plethora of information online. Look up recipes based on the time of year such as braided bread, or even according to what ingredients you have lying around. If you’re stuck for ideas you’ll easily find inspiration. If you’re having difficulties with a certain recipe you can find plenty of tips and advice online.

Have fun adding a personal touch

Add a personal touch to your recipes. This could be tweaking the flavor slightly or swapping toppings. You could even have fun making crispy treats and other cakes or cookies into shapes with cutters or your own designs. You can share your new ideas with your family friends at picnics or garden parties. This will help engage your creativity and boost your baking skills. Baking can be a challenge sometimes, so it’s essential to enjoy it.

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