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Roller Skating Journey

If you follow me on Instagram. then you have probably already seen my Reels of me roller skating. Last year I saw so many videos of girls roller skating and looking so cool. I started to forget about it until I saw more videos of girls skating on the Explore page on Instagram. I decided I wanted to look cool like them! So I bought a pair of skates from Fritzy’s Roller Skate Shop. After a little advice from some skating girls on Insta, I got started.

This is from day 1 in my parents’ garage!

The other two photos are from a recent skate date with my friend at a park.

I haven’t skated since I was in probably 5th grade so it’s been a scary, but exciting journey so far. I still am really hesitant, but I’ve only actually practiced 8 times so far so not much. And each time I practice it’s only for about 20 minutes. I think I need to do some lengthy sessions to get more comfortable on the skates and not be so scared.

Fun fact: when I was in 3rd grade my teacher ran a rollerblading/roller skating club and I was in it! I had roller blades so this is my first time on quads. Also, back then there was a local roller rink called United Skates and everyone would have their birthdays there.

So far I’ve fallen twice. Once on my side, which hurt but wasn’t too bad. The other time on my butt where I bruised my tailbone – that one was painful and hurt for a week. I know falls come with the territory, but it’s still scary! And the fear of falling again is definitely getting in the way of my progress.

I’ve skated in my parents’ garage, their deck, in a little gazebo area at the park with my friend, and at a local outdoor rink in the past few weeks. The garage was great at first, but now the things I want to practice require more space so the garage is too small. The rink had a lot of space, but has a lot of huge cracks and that’s scary to skate over. A lot of the girls I see Instagram skate on tennis and basketball courts. I do want to try that, but the ones at the park by me are always occupied. I’ll have to go early one weekend morning or maybe once I’m on summer break I’ll have to go early in the morning before kids are up and at the park. I want to try skating on the street, but I need to go somewhere I don’t know people. I don’t mind if people see me, but I don’t want my neighbors to see me. I’m too self conscious! I did try skating on my parents’ street for about a minute today but it was very bumpy. I need a really smooth street, like freshly paved. Is that too much to ask?! lol

So for this initial update, I can forward skate and do bubbles. I’ve tried to do t-stops since my toe stop is too high up and not adjustable. I’m starting to get a little better at them, but not great. I guess that’s something I can work on in the garage when it rains this weekend and I can’t get outside somewhere to practice. I’ve also started to stagger my feet coming out of bubbles so that I can learn to braid.

I want to learn to backwards skate, but it’s really scary. I don’t think my core is strong enough yet or the way I balance my weight is not good enough yet so I feel like I’m going to topple over or my feet are going to go out from under me.

Hopefully the next time I update I’ll have made some improvements to my skating! In the meantime check out my Instagram. I’ve been posting a Reel for a skating journal update every few days.

If you’re a roller skater and have any tips for me, please let me know!

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