In Home Yoga Studio?

Yoga is a fantastic way to build a healthier body and work towards a calmer mind. The problem is, you don’t always have the space and time to practice. Most people end up having to quickly roll and unroll the mat and squeeze in a session here and there. But if you can get a dedicated space, something like Canberra granny flats – until the time comes for it to be used for other purposes. 


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The ancient Indian practice has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it is a little wonder with benefits, including stress reduction, flexibility, health benefits, breathing, and mindfulness. 

But if you live in a big city, regularly attending yoga classes can get really pricey, really quickly. So if you can’t afford to go to a session every week – turn your bedroom into a yoga studio, or have something purpose-built so that will get the use out of it for years to come. 

Once you have some space, you can check out countless youtube tutorials that will get your from beginner to almost and expert. This is especially great if you don’t have the confidence to go to a class in the early days. Andrienne comes highly recommended by most people who are starting yoga. She has great ones on headaches, backache, and to help you wake up in the morning. 

Becky Crepsley-Fox, an instructor at MoreYoga, talks about an energizing Rise and Shine flow. You can do it every morning before work to give you an extra spring in your step, and get the blood really flowing. 

‘This sequence is perfect to do first thing in the morning, the gentle movements help to wake up and the body and help to get rid of any tension that might have built up through the night,’ says Becky.

‘Giving yourself this time in the morning is important to prepare your body and mind for the day ahead.’

Part of the appeal of yoga is its accessibility. You just need some open space and a mat, you can mostly do it anywhere.

And with the growth of apps and online tutorials, more people than ever are opting to teach themselves the moves and practice yoga from the comfort of their living room.

But it’s really important to do it safely – particularly if you’re unsupervised.


How to practice yoga at home safely. 

Always warm-up

Every yoga class starts with breathing, stretching, and smaller postures that articulate the spine, create space in the body and stretch the fascia to prepare you for your practice.


Wear something soft and stretchy. Cotton leggings and a loose-fitting top tend to work best. 

Start small

There is no point jumping into inversions, or some of the more ‘Instagram-able’ poses. Especially if you don’t have trained eyes keeping you safe.

Nail the basics

Some of the simplest postures are the most difficult to do, and the easiest to do incorrectly. It’s vital to get the essentials correct before progressing to a more challenging practice.

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