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30 Days of Skating

I’ve made it to 30 (more now) days of skating!

Since I last wrote I’ve gotten backwards bubbles down! I remember when I wrote last month I was really frustrated with them and couldn’t get them. Then one day, it just clicked! I’ve also started doing manuals (balancing on front heel and back toes). Some days my balance in manuals are better than others. Now I’m trying to get smoother at backwards skating in general. I’ve been trying to do the c-shapes that a lot of people talk about for backwards skating but it always looks like I’m just walking backwards in weird c-shape steps. I asked a more proficient skater on Instagram about it and she said I’m on the right track and it will eventually smooth out so we’ll see. I think I just need to practice backwards skating somewhere with lots of room. While I have been back to roller rinks twice since I last wrote I’m always afraid to try tricks in front of all those people.

I’ve also started working on transitions. I tried the open-book transition but it’s difficult. I need to work on being able to turn my hips out more. I have sort of been able to do a basic transition that Rubina from @rollercoastinrubes on Instagram did a tutorial on and that has been a lot easier for me. Turning left is a lot easier for me than turning right. Turning left in the basic transition is looking a little smooth but turning right is very choppy and sloppy.

Lastly, I’m starting to practice dribbles. And by starting I mean I’ve only done it once and I was holding onto the porch railing, but I’m just trying to get used to the motions of it first.

The backwards c-shapes, manuals, and start of dribbles have been things I started working on after day 30 but just wanted to share!

I made a little highlight Reel on Instagram yesterday to show some of my progress from days 1-30. Watch below!

I’ll update you all again next month!

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