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Roller Skating Update #2

It’s been about a month since my first roller skating post so I thought I’d offer a quick update!

Since I last wrote, I haven’t fallen again! Yay! Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself. I’m getting more comfortable on my skates so when I first put them on and stand up I’m not scared anymore. My bubbles are smoother and I’m able to sort of braid now. I spent a lot of time last month practicing staggering my feet out of bubbles and now I can get them to almost cross so it does look more like a braid. That’s what I’m in the middle of doing in the photo above.

I can slide back and forth in place and I’ve been practicing being more mindful of my weight placement for different moves. I’ve learned through lots of videos and my own practice that shifting your weight is key. After multiple fails, I can finally sort of make s moves with my front foot when skating forward. Video of that going up on my Instagram later today!

I can also slowly skate backwards now. Still only the kind of skating backwards where you take tiny steps, moving backwards. I do want to keep practicing it so that it can be smoother and more flowy and less step-y.

I’ve been trying to do backwards bubbles for a while now and I can’t get them. It’s been frustrating! I can do one backwards and then when I try to go for the 2nd one I always either get stuck or my legs just keep going wider and wider. Hopefully soon I’ll get the hang of it!

I went to a roller rink over the weekend for the first time since I was probably 10. It was so fun! And it was nice to have lots of space and be able to get some speed without being afraid of debris on the road. Plus rinks are nice and smooth. I definitely plan to go to a rink every once in a while!

So that’s my update. Hopefully next time I’ll have more improvements to share! Don’t forget you can watch my Reels on Instagram to keep up with my roller skating progress!

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