Timed Water Bottle

I have had my eye on the sleek timed water bottles from Healthish for over a year. The frosted plastic and gold cap looked so chic. I, like many others, do not drink nearly enough water regularly so the idea of a timed water bottle really appealed to me. I haven’t brought it to work because it’s a little cumbersome to fit in my tote bag and if I drank that much water during the day I’d be running to the bathroom in the middle of class.

Water Bottle: Healthish | Leggings: Old Navy | Tank to: Old Navy (here)

The time markers on the bottle are helpful because it makes me try harder to keep up with my water intake. Of course you don’t have to follow the times on the water bottle, but it’s a nice guide to try to follow.

Do you have trouble drinking enough water too?

My water bottle is from Healthish which is not linkable from Reward Style, but I’ve linked to similar ones.

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