Body & Mind – 3 Month Update

Quick update for you all on my Body & Mind program in the Sweat App! I’ve been pretty good about staying on top of the workouts each week. Sometimes I do my workout before dinner and sometimes I do it later in the evening, closer to bed time. With the Body & Mind program being yoga based, it’s easier to do whenever and it’s not like I’m doing a hardcore workout right before bed. I took a break Christmas week because things were just crazy with the holidays plus I went to DC for a few days. Although I did walk a ton when I was in DC so I feel like that counts for something!


I’ve loved the peace of mind that doing yoga regularly has been giving me. No matter how busy or stressed I am, it’s 28-30 minutes of calm and allows me to stretch and exercise and feel better emotionally and physically.

I have just finished Body & Mind 1.0 (12 weeks of it plus I redid one or two weeks) and moved on to 2.0 last night. We’ll see how many weeks I re-do in this set!

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