Travel Inspo: Staircases

My travel board on Pinterest is always getting added to every time I log on. I can’t help it – the travel photos are always so gorgeous. I’ve realized that a majority of my pins on my travel board are of Switzerland so I definitely need to go there one day. But, I apparently also have a thing for staircases. Who can blame me, so many of them are so beautiful. So with that being said, I’ve rounded up 5 staircases from around the world for some travel inspiration!

This first staircase is of caldera steps in Santorini, Greece. How fun and pretty do these stairs look with the stones and bright white walls?

Caldera Steps - Santorini
The next set of stairs is a set of Ancient Inca Stairs on the Inca Trail in Peru. How magical do these stairs look on such an ancient and historical trail?

Inca Staircase - Inca Trail Peru

These next stairs would probably make me dizzy, but the spiral staircase surrounded by stained glass just looks heavenly. This staircase is in Kanagawa, Japan.

Kanagawa Japan - Spiral Staircase
Back to South America for this staircase. These colorful and artistic stairs are in Valparaiso, Chile. They look so fun!

Valparaiso Chile - Stairs
My last set of stairs for this travel inspiration post is a set of wide spiraling stairs at the Vatican Museum in Italy. How gorgeous is this staircase? You can just feel the elegance soaking in your just by looking at it!

Vatican Museum Staircase

These are all places I’d like to go to someday and staircases that I’d love to see with my own eyes. Interesting that I’m so drawn to staircases seeing as how some stairs give me anxiety! I think I’d start to get dizzy on some of these spiral steps and start to get anxious that I’m going to fall down the stairs. Despite that, they make for some good travel inspiration!

*All photos from Pinterest*

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