Hong Kong - Central at night

Hong Kong Wandering

Today’s travel post about my trip to Hong Kong is a bit different because on this particular day there wasn’t anything in particular we had planned to do or see. We just walked around, ate at multiple stops, shopped a little, and tried to avoid the rain. It was a slower paced day, which was nice since we’d been going nonstop for so much of the 2 week vacation.

We started out the day in Causeway Bay for a really good lunch at Pepper Lunch – a chain at a food court – and then did some more shopping before heading over to Wan Chai for freshly made chips and fruit teas.

We were going to have a nice walk back to the hotel until it started down pouring so we took the MTR the one stop over to Admiralty – the stop for Pacific Place and my hotel. We hung out at the hotel for a while and then when the rain let up we headed over to Central for dinner. Remember, all my food photos will be up soon in a separate food post!

Luckily, after dinner it was not raining and we took advantage of the weather by walking back to the hotel. I definitely felt like I needed to walk off dinner plus all the other food I ate that day! The walk ended up not being that long. It started raining at one point and we ducked under the overhang of an office building to take out our rain coats. By the time we put on our rain coats and came back out, the rain had stopped! It just randomly was pouring for like 2 minutes. The rain jacket had to come off because even though it is just plastic, it was so humid that I couldn’t keep it on if it wasn’t raining.

Hong Kong - Pepper LunchHong Kong - Cheese TartsHong Kong - Wan ChaiHong Kong - Okashi GalleriaHong Kong - CentralHong Kong - Central 1Hong Kong - Central at nightHong Kong - Central at night 5Hong Kong - Central at night 4Hong Kong - Central at night 3Hong Kong - Central at night 2Hong Kong - Bank of China buildingHong Kong - Central at night 1

With that, we called it a night and did a little packing since the next day would be our last full day in Hong Kong!

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