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    Adding Switzerland to Your Travel Bucket List

    Image Source When we plan a vacation, the majority of us automatically think about sun, sea, and sand. This makes sense. It’s always nice to get away to a beach or spend our days sipping cocktails from the all-inclusive bar next to a pool. We get a chance to truly let our hair down and relax and can head home feeling refreshed, relaxed, and recuperated. But it’s important to bear in mind that there are alternative forms of holidays out there. Let’s take things to the opposite extreme and consider a trip to Switzerland. Rather than a warm atmosphere, you’re likely to be greeted by frost and snowy mountainscapes. This…

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    Washington, D.C. – Roadtrip + The Wharf

    It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been to Washington, D.C. I would say at least 8 years, so my family’s little road trip there this week will be nice for sightseeing. We planned this a few weeks ago, before the government shut down, but supposedly everything is open until at least January 1 so hopefully we won’t really be effected by it. The drive down from our town in New Jersey to D.C. is supposed to take around 4 hours, but traffic was horrendous yesterday so it took us longer. I took photos to document the trip so I’m including a few road trip photos here. When we…

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    How to Make the Most of a Short Stay in California

    Spending a short amount of time in California might not be ideal when you consider just how much there is to do and see in this incredible state. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of it and see where it takes you. There are plenty of ways to maximise your time and key things that you’ll want to do and see before you head home. Here are some tips and ideas that might help you with all that. Image Source   Plan Things Out in Advance First of all, you should remember the importance of planning things out in advance. When you’re taking a short trip, you…

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    Japan & Hong Kong Vacation Recap

    I changed the theme on my blog last night. What do you think of the new layout and look? I’m really liking the change! I do have some little kinks to work out, but other than that I’m loving it. Now that I’ve been back from my Asian vacation for 2 weeks, I thought I’d do a quick recap, highlight some of my favorite things, and share what I didn’t get to do that I want to do in the future. Japan My flight to Japan was a smooth 12-13 hour flight from Newark, NJ to Tokyo, Japan. Japan was amazing! The people are super nice, polite, and helpful. It’s…

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    Health & Fitness Update

    I haven’t forgotten that I need to update you all on my fitness/health goals/progress. So last time I wrote about how I was really slacking with BBG lately and that I would be going on vacation for 16 days (including travel days) in August so I wouldn’t be exercising then either aside from lots of walking. And lots of walking, I did! I mentioned in that post that it would be a good idea to keep track of my steps while I was away since that would be my primary source of exercise. So I did! Day 1 – 5.9 miles, 17,239 steps Day 2 – 4.5 miles, 11,764 steps Day…

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    Hong Kong -> Home

    Exactly one week ago I was on my way home from Hong Kong. You know, after a quick 15 hour flight. Honestly, the flight didn’t feel too bad because I was able to sleep for stretches of time and I watched 2 movies. It was very bizarre to leave Hong Kong at noon on my birthday and arrive back home in New Jersey around 3pm the same day. The week in Hong Kong was full of family, eating, and shopping. A lot of eating – I’m posting my Hong Kong food post tomorrow and there are so many photos! After being picked up from our hotel we arrived at the airport about…

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    Hong Kong Wandering

    Today’s travel post about my trip to Hong Kong is a bit different because on this particular day there wasn’t anything in particular we had planned to do or see. We just walked around, ate at multiple stops, shopped a little, and tried to avoid the rain. It was a slower paced day, which was nice since we’d been going nonstop for so much of the 2 week vacation. We started out the day in Causeway Bay for a really good lunch at Pepper Lunch – a chain at a food court – and then did some more shopping before heading over to Wan Chai for freshly made chips and…

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    Wan Chai + Pool Time in Hong Kong

    Monday was a slower paced, more relaxing day in Hong Kong. We took the MTR one stop to Wan Chai to do some shopping – primarily food/dried goods shopping. My parents wanted to stock up on things that are either hard to get or you can’t get in the States and I got some snacks for myself and gifts for others. Then, we took the ding ding to Causeway Bay because my dad had lunch plans with old school friends. I didn’t get any shots outside, except for one across the street from Times Square. While my dad was at lunch, the rest of us went to do some more…

  • Rainy Tokyo

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    Last Day in Japan

    I’m almost halfway through my trip to Hong Kong and I’m just getting to writing about my last day in Japan! As mentioned yesterday, my last day in Japan was pretty rainy. A typhoon was headed in the direction of Tokyo so most of Saturday was pretty wet. The hotel lent out umbrellas to guests and I also bought a $5 rain jacket in the convenience store. The jacket is actually really well made and a thick plastic so it’s reuseable. It has a hood and buttons up! It really did the trick on my last day in Japan and I’ve used it in Hong Kong too! Best $5 ever!…

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    I love a good road trip. Do you? I think they can be a good time, especially if you are with a few others, but of course sometimes it gets tiring and you can’t wait to just get to your destination. That’s why road trips with fun stops along the way are the best option! I think a summer road trip around Europe sounds absolutely amazing. Imagine driving through French countrysides with the windows down or down the Amalfi coast of Italy or through various countries. Sounds so dreamy! I don’t have a European vacation planned for this summer, but one can daydream right? There are so many great road…