Iceland Day 5: Kerid Crater, Frideheimar, Reykjavic, & Sky Lagoon

On our last full day in Iceland, we had a few things on our to-do list. After breakfast we started off the day at Kerid Crater, a volcanic crater lake thousands of years old. We walked around the crater and took the steps down to the bottom!

Then we drove to Frideheimar, which is a tomato farm and restaurant that is very popular. The restaurant is inside one of their greenhouses! They produce 40% of all the tomatoes eaten/used in Iceland.

After lunch and seeing the horses outside, it was a little more than an hour drive back to Reykjavic. We had a little bit of time to spare before we had to go to our reservation at Sky Lagoon so we went back into the city to do some souvenir shopping.

We spent a couple hours at Sky Lagoon, which is a hot spring thermal spa with views of the city. It was enjoyable and relaxing, but I preferred Blue Lagoon. This one was a fraction of the size, more intimate, and more spa-like, but it felt more like a giant bath/hot tub rather than a real geothermal spring. For example, I don’t think there were any skin benefitting properties like at Blue Lagoon. My cousin said something about how it felt like we were adults in a big communal bath haha, but she still really liked it.

After freshening up back at the hotel, we went back into the city for our last dinner of the trip!

The next morning we had breakfast, walked over to a bakery, and relaxed a bit/packed up to head to the airport!

I loved Iceland. All the sights were beautiful and the people were so nice. I’d definitely go back one day. I still have a few posts to go about my time there – what I ate, a bookstore I went to, taking books around with me sightseeing, and a post with my favorite things from my trip.

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