Iceland Day 2: Blue Lagoon & Thingvellir National Park

Day 2 in Iceland was on Tuesday and the highlights of the day were the Blue Lagoon and Thingvellir National Park.

First, if you didn’t know Iceland (like when I went to Alaska a few years ago) in the summertime has 20 hours of sunlight in the summer. Here’s a photo from my hotel room at 11pm the night before!

The Blue Lagoon is an extremely popular geothermal spa. Depending on what kind of package you buy will determine what amenities you get, but the basic package is that you get one free face mask and one free drink while you’re in the hot springs. You walk/swim up to the mask bar where they put a scoop of the thick mask in your hand to put on your face for 10 minutes and you can go up to the drink bar for your drink. You can get more but you’d have to swipe your wristband to pay. The lagoon was so cool and the water was so warm with some really hot spots. There is a whole process of having to shower before and after and put a special conditioner in your hair because the sulfur from the water can damage your hair. Overall it was such a relaxing experience and I’m so happy I bought a waterproof pouch from Rifle Paper & Co for my phone so I could carry it around in the water and take photos and videos!

We got a quick lunch after Blue Lagoon and then headed to Thingvellir National Park about an hour away. We just hiked/walked a portion of the park, saw some gorgeous views, a waterfall, a cute little church. Parts of the hike, but the rocks was very Games of Thrones-esque and some black birds even swooped over us at one point and kept caw-cawing which made me think of the show even more.

Here are a couple photos of the scenic drive to the park and then the park itself including a photo of me and my cousin unintentionally matching with our backpacks.

Those are the highlights from day 2! I’ll be back with day 3 tomorrow!

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