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Books I’m Bringing to Iceland

I’ve been in Iceland since Monday morning (I’m writing and scheduling this ahead of time so I’m assuming I wasn’t delayed and am in Iceland right now) and even though I’m going to be gone for less than a week, I had to bring 4 (yes, 4) books with me. I figure I’ll have time to read at the airport, on the plane (though I should try to sleep for a few hours) and at the hotel before bed if I don’t pass out immediately.

The four books are:

  • From Lukov with Love – Everyone always raves about this Mariana Zapata book and you know I love her books. I figured Iceland would be a good place to read a figure skating romance (I know, Iceland isn’t just filled with ice lol)
  • Vacation Wars – I’ve read four Meghan Quinn books so far and her romcoms are always hilarious and spicy. I figured this one that just came out a couple months ago would be perfect for vacation.
  • The Worst Best Man – I’m also a huge Lucy Score fan and I’ve heard great things about this one!
  • Girl Country – This is a book I was sent to read. It is a bunch of short stories and the book isn’t thick so it’s perfect to bring with me!

I didn’t think about this before but apparently I brought books by authors that are always winners for me so I’m excited! We’ll see if I’m able to finish these. Be on the lookout for reviews!

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