Green Business Ideas To Consider In 2023

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A green business is any type of business that benefits the environment. Such a business could be a great way to make money, while positively impacting the world by fighting climate change. As consumers become more eco-conscious, green businesses will become ever more popular in the future. Below are just a few different examples of green businesses that could be worth starting in 2023. 

Bicycle store

Many of us are driving less and cycling more. Riding a bicycle is much better for the environment as it produces no carbon emissions (plus it is healthier and cheaper). 

Opening a bicycle store could be a great way of profiting from the growing demand for bicycles and could be the ideal startup if you’re already a cycling enthusiast. You could sell brand new bikes – or used bicycles for an extra-green business angle. This typically requires renting out a physical store where you have enough space to display all your products. 

Organic farm

Many farms’ produce is grown using chemical insecticides and fertilisers, which can have a negative impact on the environment. Organic farms aim to use no chemicals in the farming process.

Many types of crops that can be grown organically. If you have experience growing plants and have the available land to start a farm, consider whether setting up your own organic farm could be ideal for you. You can find more information here on organic farming

Solar power plant

Solar power plants (or solar farms as they’re commonly known) harvest energy from the sun, which is then converted into electricity. It’s a clean source of power that does not create carbon emissions or require mining of fossil fuels.

You can make money from a solar power plant by selling electricity to energy suppliers. Alternatively, you could start up a community solar project whereby you accept funding from local individuals and share power directly with these neighbours. There are online platforms that help you with community solar customer acquisitions

EV charging car park

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. They are much less damaging to the environment than petrol and diesel vehicles. Unfortunately, there is currently a lack of EV charging stations in many areas, which has put off some people from buying EVs.

Setting up a car park with EV charging stations could give EV owners somewhere to park and charge up. You can charge EV owners to use these stations or provide electricity for free (you could still make money by installing a parking metre). There are different types of EV charger you can install – some of which will be faster and more attractive to EV owners, but likely more expensive to install. Centrally-located urban land is typically the best option for converting into a car park. 

Electrical goods repair service

Many of us throw away electrical goods once they get broken, when quite often their life can be extended. An electrical goods repair service could reduce the demand on new electronics by reducing the rate at which customers replace tech. You could even allow people to donate their broken tech and refurbish it before selling it onto new owners (refurbished laptops are a very popular product for those who cannot afford brand new laptops).

This is a great business idea for people that love gadgets and love repairing things. You could operate out of a physical store or set up an online service where you pick up electronics directly from customers. 

Sustainable packaging design/manufacture

Single-use plastic packaging is becoming less popular due to the environmental damage it creates, along with increasing taxes on such plastics. Instead, more companies are choosing to use recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

If you have graphic design skills, you could consider setting up a sustainable packaging design studio. You could also provide manufacture of this packaging on site. This will require investing in design software and manufacturing machinery, as well as a studio/factory to run your business from.

Used furniture store

Used products are more eco-friendly brand new ones, because they reduce the demand on new materials and help extend the life of old furniture that would otherwise end up in a landfill site.

There is a growing demand for used furniture as a cheap alternative to new furniture. Consider whether you could make money by launching a second-hand furniture store. Such stores do require a fair amount of space, which generally doesn’t come at a low price, however you could still make a decent profit by considering options like restoring donated furniture.

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