Book Review: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions is the second book in the Dreamland Billionaires series by Lauren Asher. I really liked this one – more than the first book, The Fine Print.

Terms and Conditions follows the eldest Kane brother, Declan, and his trusted assistant Iris. Iris knows Declan better than anyone and has been his assistant for 3 years which is a true accomplishment since he is very particular and demanding.

Like his youngest brother, Rowan, in The Fine Print, his grandfather left him with a task to complete in order to gain his inheritance and become CEO of the family corporation. His task? He must marry and have a baby. In The Fine Print, Iris is helping him find a wife by interviewing women as he has no interest in dating. When Terms and Conditions begins, he is about to announce his engagement at a party but the woman pulls out of the deal. In a panic to make an announcement since the party is underway, Iris volunteers herself before Declan can say no. Now, they have to get married and have a baby or Declan’s horrible father will keep his CEO title.

It doesn’t take long for Declan and Iris to realize that even though they drive each other crazy, they really do know each other best and care a lot about each other. Can this fake marriage become a real one?

I loved the slow burn angst of this book. Even though Declan is mostly grumpy, I loved how he had such a soft spot for Iris and when it’s revealed later on all the things he’s done for her over the years without her realizing it (and without him realizing it was love that made him do these things) was so sweet! Iris was a great character and I loved how she was never afraid to tell Declan off and put him in his place.

Read this if you want a billionaire romance that is slow burn (but once it starts it gets spicy) with the marriage of convenience and grumpy sunshine tropes!

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