Book Review: A Higher Standard

I was sent an advanced copy of A Higher Standard by E.F. Dodd and just finished it yesterday. After having read two of her other books (Earning It and Risky Restoration) and loving them, I knew I’d like this one too and I did!

(Side Note: I took this photo at the airport on Sunday and didn’t even end up flying home that day due to a 17 hour delay!)

This contemporary romance is a dual POV and follows Gideon and Everest. Gideon is a Boston-based wealthy businessman and he owns a real estate company with his two best friends. He goes to Mimosa, North Carolina to see about buying a property to develop. The owners are open to the idea. The problem? The property’s neighbor is Everest, the owner of Second Chance Farms, an equine rescue, and she has always wanted to expand her property. Not only that, but she isn’t fond of the idea of a development next door that might ruin the small town she loves so much. Everest alone might not be something Gideon really has to worry about, but she’s the mayor’s daughter and upon meeting her, Gideon is instantly drawn to her so that definitely complicates things.

The novel begins with a little bit of a enemies to lovers, reverse grumpy sunshine vibe, but moves on from those fairly quickly. There is real chemistry and growing feelings between Gideon and Everest, but their respective jobs can complicate things and the fact that Gideon isn’t in Mimosa permanently begs the question of whether this is just a fling or not.

I loved the novel and really liked the characters.  I also thought it was a great change of pace to have really mature characters. I mean, obviously they’re not perfect, but there’s no epic third act breakup or anything like that. There is a conflict and hurt feelings that they work through so I really appreciated that. Overall, the story was really entertaining! I’m looking forward to future books featuring Gideon’s best friends, Jameson and Davidson, and their stories.

The book comes out on May 16th!

*I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.*

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