Book Review: Earning It

Earning It by E.F. Dodd is a new romantic comedy that was just released earlier this week. I was lucky enough to get an advanced digital copy. Spoiler alert – I loved it!

Earning It is a second chance romance that follows Regan “Rae” Murphy and Donovan “Van” McLeod. Rae’s best friend, Kenz, is getting married to Jackson Jenkins and she’s the maid of honor. The wedding is taking place at Jackson’s beautiful historic home that he restored himself. The ladies along with their other best friend, V, are excited for the wedding weekend followed by the group honeymoon to Grand Cayman. Kenz and Jackson are inviting their best friends with them on their honeymoon for a fun week at the beach. Rae knows the whole wedding party including V’s boyfriend, but she’s never met the best man – Jackson’s best friend who lives out of town. So the morning of the wedding when she hears his voice and immediately recognizes it, she is shocked. It is none other than Van, her ex-boyfriend from 5 years ago.

Rae and Van were so in love and together for a year. Then something happened where Rae felt betrayed and ran off, never seeing Van again. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Rae left Charleston and started anew in Charlotte. Van is also heartbroken because he knows what he did hurt Rae, but he thinks if she would just hear him out she would see how it was partially a misunderstanding and he never meant to hurt her. I had guessed that she thought he cheated on her or something, but it’s actually not that at all. I won’t spoil it for you though!

Rae doesn’t want to give Van the time of day, but she doesn’t want to ruin the wedding or honeymoon for her best friends so she tries to be as civil as possible, even considering letting Van explain himself. All he wants is a chance to tell her his side of the story. Rae decides he needs to earn the chance to fix things.

I loved the characters and the storyline. Rae did get a tad annoying at times with how resistant she was and how often she just threw shade at him all the time for the first half of the book. But, the storyline, banter, humor, love story, and spicy parts made me love the story! I could see both sides of the story, but was rooting for Van the whole time, which is why I think Rae being so mean to him at times started to annoy me – but then again if she forgave him too quickly there wouldn’t be a story!

I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a second chance romance that’s funny and spicy!

*I was sent this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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