Forced Proximity Book Picks

One of my favorite tropes is forced proximity. If it’s enemies to lovers, that’s even better. Here are a few that I love!

  • Earning It by E.F. Dodd – Rae and Van are exes with a complicated past. Neither of them knew that the wedding Rae is a bridesmaid for and Van is a groomsmen for were for their best friends. They also have to now go on a group honeymoon.
  • Crescent City House of Earth & Blood by Sarah J. Maas – Bryce Quinlan, half fae, might be in danger while she helps investigate a series of mysterious deaths. Hunt Athalar, a fallen angel, also known as the Umbra Mortis, is tasked with watching over her.
  • Twisted Games by Ana Huang – Bridget is the crown princess of Eldorra, living in the United States until she has to go back home to rule. Rhys is her broody and overprotective bodyguard.
  • The American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas – Lucas Martin is visiting New York City from Spain and staying at his cousin, Lina’s apartment while she’s on her honeymoon. When Lina’s best friend, Rosie, needs to leave her apartment due to the ceiling caving in, she uses her spare key to stay at Lina’s not knowing Lucas is visiting.
  • In the Weeds by B.K. Borison – Evelyn St. James is in search of something that will make her happy again. The last time she was happy was when she was visiting Lovelight Farms, where Beckett Porter – a man she had a passionate weekend with months earlier – lives. When she arrives in town, she learns there’s no rooms available at any inn or hotel due to a festival. Beckett runs into her and offers his guest room.
  • Hook, Line, & Sinker by Tessa Bailey – Fox and Hannah became friends in It Happened One Summer. Hannah went back home to LA, but now work is bringing her back to Westport. Her sister Piper doesn’t have room in the house she shares with her fiancΓ©e, Brendan, for Hannah to stay because Brendan’s parents are visiting so she has to stay with Fox.
  • The Chase by Elle Kennedy – After Summer transfers to Briar U and the chapter of her sorority there says she’s not welcome to live there, she scrambles to find a new place to live. With the help of her older brother, Dean (from the Off-Campus series), he gets her a room at his old house with some hockey players including Fitz, a guy she’s had a crush on for a while.
  • The Darkest Temptation by Danielle Lori – Ronan Markov is a major player in the Bratva in Russia. He’s been wanting to get back at his enemy for a while and one day his enemy’s daughter, Mila, just so happens to land in Moscow from Miami unaware of her father’s true business. Ronan takes Mila for leverage.

I’m already slowly working on a part 2! Do you like this trope? Do you have any favorite books with this trope?

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